Thursday, November 09, 2006

Do you find what you do degrading, demeaning or humiliating as an escort?

Well, it really depends on the individual client. The nature of the work, is that you never know what a client will be like, until he arrives. I feel that some of what I provide could be considered as nurturing, positive or even therapeutic.

There are some things that I am happy to do, and others that I am not. I am not happy to do anything that will cause me physical harm, endanger my health, or something that I find repulsive. The market is saturated in London, and there are lots of escorts who are willing to do all sorts of things.

I struggle when I read some escorts attack other escorts because of the services they provide. My view is, as long as they are comfortable with what they are doing, are aware of the risks involved, and it is consensual, then that is their business. What I resent is clients who do X with these escorts, and then expect the same from every escort that they encounter.

I have met four clients this year who asked me for something that I felt was totally unacceptable. I am shocked each time the question is posed.

What do these four men have in common?

They are all married,educated, White males over 40, who frankly should know better. The result is that, these are individuals that I will never come in contact with again. They are on my blacklist, and are considered high risk.

I think that things have changed in the last ten years, and before it was not unusual for escorts not to kiss, as they felt it was too intimate. I think with the numbers of escorts available in London now, some escorts feel they need to offer things that previously were not an option, to remain competitive.

I find this sad, but it is their choice. This applies to some agencies as well, who will only take on escorts if they provide a range of services. If the escort is not willing to provide what the agency believes to be in demand, then they are not likely to get work. Things begin to get murky, when an escort does not advertise certain services, but offers those services to certain clients. Those clients then write reviews, stating that they were provided with X, and the escort is then having to either deny she provides X, or explain that it is only offered to the chosen few.

I am aware that the greater an escort's economic desperation, the less likely they are able to turn down a client's requests.

Some people say that it is all about the money. Well, no amount of money can give a client a licence to do what they want with me.

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