Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Seeing things for what they are

I am amazed when I hear that some escorts get upset when their clients see other girls. In some cases, they have stopped seeing the client, as they were offended that he went elsewhere.I think this response is disproportionate.They feel that their clients are disloyal.

What is that about?

This is a classic case of blurring the boundaries.

Men like variety. I have no expectations that any of my clients should see me, and only me. If anything, I actively encourage the men who say they do not see anyone else, to try someone else.

The other thing that I have heard, is some escorts taking offence, as they discover that their clients have seen someone who they feel, is not in their league. The escort hierarchy raises its ugly head, yes it exists.

I accept it is bad manners when you see a client, and he spends the entire time he is with you, discussing all of his escort encounters. Yes, some men do this, and I have experienced it.

If I found out that any of my clients saw streetworkers , I would not be offended. I think I would be fascinated by the different choices that they make. I would not take it personally.

Some clients do not want to upset some of their regular escorts, and use different handles to write reviews, so that the escort will not pick up that they have seen someone else.

It can become so complex for some escorts who are checking the review sites, and feel that their clients are being disloyal, by the style that they have written reviews for other escorts. The comparison issue.

I just want to say to any women who may feel this way, try and chill out. The thing is, if you let it affect you, you will find yourself becoming frustrated a lot of the time. What a client does when he is not with me, is his business. If a regular stops seeing me, after a while, that is not a big issue. Clients will always come and go.

How can I ever expect to have ownership over a client?

The other side of it, is clients who are regulars who want to know how many clients I have seen in a week. This question is inappropriate. I feel that it would be appropriate, if the person asking the question was my pimp, or manager. As I am independent, it is not.

The question that usually follows this, is a client expressing discomfort around the fact that I see other clients.


If you want exclusivity, then arrangements can be made. Other than that, you know what the deal is from the start.

Life will be stressful, if you only are able to see things for what you would like them to be; rather than for what they are.

I am not suggesting that you cannot have these feelings. My thoughts are more along the lines of how people who feel this way, manage their anxiety/disappointment.

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