Friday, November 10, 2006

The guessing game as an escort

Unlike any other job, you have to be who your clients want you to be. It is all part of the fantasy. It can get very tricky.

I am someone who tends to go with the flow. However, I think some clients expect you to be a mind reader. I am not opposed to any client telling me what they want. Some do, and send emails prior to a meeting, explaining in great detail how they would like things to be.

I read something on a messageboard recently where a client was offended that an escort had asked him what he liked, at the start of the meeting. I know some escorts who do this, too. He found it awkward. I can appreciate that. People are different, and just because an escort is an escort, does not mean that she will know what each client wants. We are not mindreaders.

Or are we supposed to be?

If I think of some of the work settings that I have been in,elsewhere. When I meet potential clients, I give them some background about myself, and then tell them about how I work. So if they have any misconceptions, they can either go somewhere else, or we can look at how we can work together.

When I go to my hairdresser, and I am having my hair coloured or cut, I sometimes leave it in her hands, as I tend to be happy with the end product normally,or I tell her what I would like.

I know it can be awkward for some clients. They do not want to discuss anything at all, and I must confess I feel the same, at times. However, when you read the messageboards, or some of the reviews, clients say that the escort was not value for money, or not what they expected. I wonder whether in these cases the client made their expectations clear to the escort.

Talking about it can work against you. On Captain 69 there is a criteria for reviewers where you mark whether you forgot you were with an escort.

A funny old world, with no defined roles! I will continue to attempt to figure out what everybody wants from me.

Or maybe someone out there can enlighten me?

I have to dash, or someone is not going to be too happy with me this morning. Have a good weekend!

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