Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Double Booking

Last week, as a civilian in another setting, I double booked a client. I am mortified. I do not double book. When the receptionist interrupted my meeting to say that a client was there to see me, I could not believe it. I can only put it down to, having too much on my mind at the moment, and that I am prone to make mistakes during these testing times.

I have heard that some escorts who offer incalls double book. The thinking behind it, is that so many timewasters call them up and book, and very few show up.

What do you do when two men turn up on your doorstep at the same time?

I have heard clients say that they have double booked too, just in case they are let down by the escort that they want to see.

Do they inform the backup escort that she is the second option, and it is a provisional booking?

How many of you are guilty of double booking?

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No I've never double booked an escort under those circumstances but I have found myself trying to make a short notice appointment after having been let down.

Once - many years ago - I saw an escort who had badly let me down a week or so earlier. I think she had some serious problems with the job. She told me when I finally met her that there had been another client waiting for her in the same car park at the same time as me the previous week. Whether he got to see her or not I don't know!

B xx
I've never been double-booked but you can tell when you are being back-to-back booked because the escort/agency will give you vague directions and ask you to call again when you are very close for the actual street/flat number. I once had an escort make me call 3 times as I got nearer and nearer, like some sort of treasure hunt, and I have to admit I got so irritated by it that I cancelled the meeting on the 3rd call. I understand that it can be difficult to get guys out the door, but that should be factored into the gaps between bookings.
Of course having said that I've never been double-booked, my tiny brain kicked in, and I can recall a couple of times when the escort called at the last minute and said she was ill or the painters had come early or some such excuse, so I guess it's very possible that I was double-booked without realising it. I hate being cynical though, let's pretend it never happens.
When I started the game in Los Angeles, as a client, I found it very difficult to make actual physical connections with those I called.

I would make an appointment, and was then told to drive to the neighborhood and then call again from a public payphone (usually at a specific street corner). That shows the escort that you are actually serious and are in the neighborhood.

Well, I'd often arrive at the payphone only to find the escort's voicemail turned on, or simply no answer. I'd call 5,6 times over the course of 15-20 minutes and still no answer.

I came to learn that it is a two-way street. Since guys often did not show up, the girl would accept the first gent that actually DID arrive at her doorstep. Anyone else that came afterward would either have to wait (and call back later) or move on.

Now, it really sucks to be standing at a payphone with an erection in your pants and no companionship option. So I reacted by choosing 1-2 "backups" to my primary choice. If the same (above) situation happened with my first choice, I'd simply move on to the second choice. But in order to even have these choices, I'd have to make that "first phone call" to each lady and have her expect me to call back again within a certain time frame. Needless to say, 2 of the ladies would probably be out of luck.

I absolutely HATED to do this, but honestly, I found the escorts to be SO unrelibale in this manner, it became almost standard practice for me.

Take note that this was before the internet became a tool in making contacts and booking appointments. I was usually calling girls out of a newspaper advertsing section, and from a payphone at that. There was no "booking an appointment for next week". Girls were in business only when they were answering the phone. Sometimes the window of opportunity was a small one.

These days, if I made an appointment with a girl via email, for 2 days from now, I'd be more inclined to believe that my time was actually reserved. And I think a lot of the guys who do not show (nowadays) are the ones who either have a bad feeling about the situation, or simply checken out. It takes a lot to go through with it if you have never "punted" before.

I tell girls (and guys) just to accept the difficulty of getting together as a part of the business. It is tough on both sides. Probably why the activity is so expensive!
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