Thursday, November 16, 2006

Going to great lengths

Thank you for all your comments, and emails on the guilt post yesterday. Wow, what a reaction guilt raises.

Maybe we should think of setting up a virtual support group for lapsed Catholics?

I feel there is a need out there.

The majority of my clients are married men. Some of them have to plan in advance to see me. Trying to find a time when the wifey is away, or out shopping. Sometimes, a client will call and apologise that he has not been able to see me for a while, because he has not been able to escape. I find it quite sweet when they ring and apologise. No apology needed, but sweet all the same.

It is such a build up for some clients, as they cannot get to see escorts regularly, and it may be that they are seeing me once every three or four months.

I realise that when they put so much effort into it, what it must be like when it all goes terribly wrong. You book someone for the first time, and she is nothing like what you expected, or not the person that you saw on the website.

What does that feel like,when you have planned so far in advance?

The only thing I can compare it to, is when I go on holiday and stay in a hotel that I have never been to before, and it is awful.I like nothing to go wrong when I am on holiday. Fortunately, it has only happened to me once, and I was able to check out, and upgrade to somewhere that was more suited to my needs.I think when you want to treat yourself to something special and it does not meet up to your expectations, it can be a major disappointment.

It reminds me of some previous relationships that I had, before I started escorting. I have been out with some players in my time. I was always the one who was faithful, and then decided, that I would two time, and see what it felt like. It was stressful, with all the lies that I had to tell, and really draining. I just do not know how people who cheat do it. I know that I was struggling to have my tracks covered at all times, but then both my partners were in the same city.When both guys found out, I was the one in the wrong, despite them having cheated on me.

Where is the justice in that?

It reminds me of something that I saw on the news last night, an Afghani married woman was raped by her landlord. She was imprisoned for adultery, yet she was raped by a stranger.

Is this right and fair?

I know it is different when you book an escort, because you can arrange it in such a way that you meet at a place where your partner is unlikely to see you. Although I have heard of clients being spotted by their partner's friends.

What a tangled web we weave.

Have a good weekend.

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