Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Escorts earning a living out of others ..........

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday who felt really guilty about how he earned his living. His job involves him helping out people who have problems, and he said that he felt really bad, knowing he was making money out of anothers misery.My friend is self employed, and felt that if he worked for Social services he would feel less guilty.

It got me thinking, as I do, about escorting. I know that some of my clients come to see me, because they cannot get what they want at home.Some clients have partners who are terminally ill, or their partners have stopped having sex with them altogether. Some can get what they want at home, but want variety. Some want a warm body, a hug, and some just want to talk nonstop.

I do not feel that I am profiting financially from the misery of others, because not all my clients are in miserable situations. I do enjoy escorting at times.I am left feeling entertained, relaxed and appreciated with some clients; and frustrated, insulted and threatened by others.

Getting back to the money. It is not up to me to decide whether a date with me is worth the going rate: that is my client's choice. I only have encounters with clients who have determined, that the time and money they spend with me is worth it to them.

For any campaigners in the UK, I came across this yesterday.

Something that Glengarry brought up in his comments on my post yesterday, raises the question of how discreet some escorts are. I never call my clients unless they have given me permission to. I do not email either, unless they have let on that it is okay to do so.

I read on a messageboard a while back, that some escorts send clients texts saying they are free, and would the clients like to make a booking.The clients said they would never book these escorts again, because of their lack of discretion. Texting or calling someone out of the blue, not knowing who they are with could be fatal, as Glengarry points out.

I do worry about regulars who I have not seen for a long while. Yes, they could be ill or dead, but I would never call to check. I do not feel that it is appropriate for me to make contact, without permission.

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In my "old days", I'd typically call an escort and find that either it was a pager number, or a voicemail number (but rarely ever a direct connection to them). If I wanted a meeting with them, I'd have to leave my number. I'd have to give permission for a call back.

Of course back then, I had roomates and we usually shared a phone, so my activity was often limited to the girls who actually answered their phones live. I spent a fortune dropping quarters into dirty, disgusting payphones in Hollywood back then. Often times discovering that the receivers were broken, and I'd lose the money.

Nowadays, with cellphones and caller ID, a gent can call a girl, not even leave a message and then wait in fear that the girl might be dumb enough to call him back at an inopportune moment.

Escorts should never EVER call a man unless he has expressly asked them to do so.

But now all a girl has to do is hit the "send" button on her mobile and she can immediately ring the guy who just called her, no matter if the timing is good or bad. Even if she's has been left a VM telling her when to call back.

I wish it were true that girls were all discreet in that way, but I suppose that if the phone has not rung for a while, and the girl misses the call, she'll probably call the guy back (good timing or not).
If you provide a service to people who are unhappy, then I don't think you should feel bad about charging a fee for it. There's no point in having money if you can't use it to cheer yourself up or get away from the daily routine. Obviously if the client is in a very bad way, then the decent thing is to try and lift his spirits a bit and refer him onto support groups that are more suited to helping him out of his situation.
I think the British always have a bit of a guilt thing about making money from people, and similarly on the question of negotiating fees. I know in the UK escorting game it's considered appallingly bad form to try to negotiate on fees, whereas in EE countries you would be a total idiot not to. For example many local czech agencies pay the girl 1000 crowns per hour, but will ask the client for 10,000 crowns. So you're expected to negotiate down to something sensible (I personally hold out for 2000 crowns) and it doesn't mean less money in the escort's pocket so she doesn't care - quite the opposite if you use some of the money you've saved as a tip. I used to worry that the girls would find that humiliating, but I think they actually respect men with enough nouse to get one over on the agency. I wonder if the UK agencies don't pay a price for refusing to negotiate. By all accounts a lot of the time their escorts just give out their numbers directly to the clients and negotiate a deal themselves for future dates.
As for escorts cold-calling clients, I think it's easier for me because I'm single so I don't really have a problem with the odd message asking if I fancy meeting up, so long as it looks like just a straight message from a friend. It did get a bit embarassing one year on New Years eve when just about every escort I'd ever given my number to sent me an SMS full of hearts and kisses. Could have been bad if someone had grabbed my phone to see what was going on, but at the same time it was quite touching.
I always assumed that escorts would have the sense not to phone or text unless prearranged - but this has happened to me a number of times. Fortunately with no adverse consequences.
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