Saturday, November 18, 2006

Swarm Intelligence

I read this article in the Economist and wondered what the parallels were in this industry.

Swarm intelligence can be used to influence what shoppers buy. The article looks at adaptive behaviour and how by using certain technology you can encourage people to buy more, by playing on the herd instinct. The idea is that, if a certain item is seen to be popular, shoppers are likely to choose it too. The challenge is to keep customers informed about what others are buying.

On Punternet there is a chart of ladies with more than 20 reviews.

Some clients look at these charts, and feel safer seeing escorts who have multiple reviews.

Captain 69 has a top twenty chart, but it is based on favourites, rather than number of reviews, and is not something that should be taken seriously. Members submit their favourites, and they appear on the chart. You could submit a favourite, and they appear half way up the chart.

I have read so many different views on this. Some clients prefer to see escorts who have multiple reviews, as they feel they will not be ripped off. They tend to follow reviewers who they feel have similar interests. Some clients avoid escorts who have multiple reviews, as they feel that they are conveyor belts, irrespective of the rates that the escort charges.You have escorts who are considered high end, who have 100 plus reviews. Some clients are not bothered about the reviews at all.

I have found that some of my clients have only come to see me because I have reviews, and would not have bothered if I did not. They would not have taken the risk. I have mixed feelings about this way of thinking, and yet I appreciate if you are spending a certain amount of money, you want to feel that you are getting what is advertised. I think reviews can make a difference, but not that much of a difference.

I wonder whether any escorts out there feel that their business has changed as a result of reviews?

I wonder how many men out there follow these charts?

The review sites seem to make money, so something must be working.

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Most of the clients I know find it really difficult writing reviews. I like GFE meetings, but if all you write about is how cute and cuddly the girl was then it sounds like you're a sap who has paid 200ph for a hug. Alternatively if all you write about are the mechanics of what was done to each other's bodies, then you sound like a fire-and-forget type guy. So I try to get some sort of balance between the two which isn't easy. If I'm reading someone elses review then the most important thing is that the girl is GFE type, not cold or overly "professional." Having said that, I've seen quite a few conversations in the C69 chatroom where we've agreed that we pretty much book based on the pictures and hope for the best! If the eyes are smiling in the pictures then that's the best indication that she'll be good for me. At least half of the girls I see are completely unreviewed. In fact probably more like 80% now I come to think of it.
Review boards are one of the necessary evils. As much as I dislike a lot of what gets posted on them, I use the review boards to find out if an escort is reliable.
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