Friday, November 17, 2006

Do British men know how lucky they are?

I have just read what poor Glengarry leads has to put up with.

Clearly, the likes of Adultwork would not survive in Seattle.

Why did I think it was liberal in the USA???????

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Nia wrote Why did I think it was liberal in the USA???????

I've no idea why or how you could think that, you seemed so smart when we met, thoughtful, just don't know...have you been ill lately, feeling dizzy?...
Seriously though, from what I can see the US is almost completely divided 50:50 between the conflicting politics of those on the coast and those in the middle. This exposes a flaw in the democratic process (which is still the best process I've heard of) whereby small but significant minority pressure groups can wield disproportionate control. In this case it's the Christian right who would pounce on any party seen to be soft on sexual morality. Luckily for us in the UK there just isn't any credible religious pressure group.

Thank you for your comments. I am very well, thank you very much.

Am I supposed to think like you, please tell?

You know I have my moments.
We're (USA) a very polarized nation, indeed. But if you talk to most people, most do favor the decriminalization of prostitution. But in an age of "family values" being a political issue here, few legislators will step-up to back such discussion. It is a long way off. For all sakes and purposes, the smart ones can essentially "fear not" though.

The prosecution of punters in the states is really more "reactionary" than aggressive. Cops typically only react to this when they get complaints. The competitive nature of has escalated and made a not-very-visible activity far more visible. When providers and clients keepa low profile, they ahve nothing to worry about.

Me? 250+ visits and no real trouble ever. Truly.
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