Friday, February 23, 2007


David has a piece from the gospel,which surprised me, about treating prostitutes with dignity.

This truth exploded in his church and it began to experience revival. This revival flooded out of the church into the streets of Wales to the degree that the prostitutes began to attend prayer meetings and morning services.

People were inquiring as to why this was happening so they went and asked one particular prostitute why she was going to these meetings. She said that there were a couple of factors. One was that the business had but left. People were no longer visiting the streets and looking for prostitutes. But the most important factor she said was that for the first time people on the streets began to treat her with dignity and respect. She couldn’t deny something was going on and had to come see.

This woman had previously been vilified by the religious people who spat upon her and scorned her and she was used by the irreligious who objectified her and treated her like peace of meat. Not any more.

Quotes from treating prostitutes with dignity by Jolly Blogger.

Annie Lobert, a retired escort, has found religion. She is doing outreach work in Las Vegas, with sexworkers.She has plenty to do, with the size of the sex industry in Las Vegas.

Annie is on a mission, and hopes to start a school for prostitutes, similar to a
John school.

Read the article I-Team: Redemption sin city.

Have a good weekend!

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Something happened to me yesterday, something earth shattering which brought home once again the distasteful nature of my job; which when presenting itself to someone in real life made them reel back in shock and horror and the shame for them of even being distantly linked to it.

I WILL continue to work for as long as I deem it necessary to, but the day I stop will be the day I can feel whole again.

I don't need to find God. He is there all the time, not in a physical sense, but in my own conscience.
Hard to believe the Lobert story. She was an escort who was arrested 25 times, many times by the same officer! She could not have been very intelligent.

(I suspect the story is just a PR spiel, exaggerated for effect.)

These whores who get religion along with the menopause remind me a bit of those pop stars who become gospel artists around the time that their records stop selling.

Have a great weekend, and be safe

Thank you for your comments. I hope you are okay, after yesterday.

James B,

Thank you for your comments. I know someone who was a born again christian, and is now an escort.
Dear blueslady -

I can't begin to imagine what happened to you so awful the other day. I think we clients are too often only prepared to see a filtered, rose coloured version of your job.

I hope you have the strength to move through it and know that one day you will feel whole again.

B xx
Thank you Beau. That was kind of you. Sometimes through no fault of our own, we get found out. It's usually down to something simple like clients not covering their tracks very well and this is exactly what happened.

The storm has died down, but someone is badly hurt and there is nothing I can do for her. Apparently she saw my gallery....
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