Thursday, February 15, 2007

The power of the Blog

The more I read about blogs, the more I realise that some bloggers can make an impact.

They have an ability to affect the way some people run their businesses. A good example is Jeff Jarvis, and his experience with Dell, here.

Jeff, clearly has a presence on the Internet, and I believe he has a right to share what happened to him. I believe Jeff sharing his experience with others, prompted Dell to alter how they treat customers.

Then there can be repurcussions. Bloggers who write about their employers, who are discovered and then sacked. Rebecca Blood has an interesting piece about reaping what you sow.She talks about how some political bloggers have had to face the consequences here.

The Courtesan connection has two important posts about Security. He outlines how important it is to cover your tracks here and how to put it into action here. He encourages Providers who write blogs to consider making them invitation only.

Reading all these posts, reinforces the impact that blogging can have on a blogger's life,for me. As well as how a blogger can impact other lives, too.

It is hard for me to gauge who is reading my blog. Occasionally, I have readers contact me, who are not comfortable leaving comments on my blog, for various reasons, sharing how a post has impacted them.

Food for thought.

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