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I went into my local newsagent yesterday morning, to get my Sunday paper. I noticed a group of teenagers, blocking the paper rack, reading the papers. I wondered what had caught their interest.I bought my paper. I looked over their shoulders and saw that,The News of the World had outed Faria Alam.

FA SEX scandal secretary Faria Alam is a secret £8,000-a-night hooker, a News of the World investigation can reveal.

"I am pretty good at what I do," she promised as she greedily watched wads of £20 notes being counted out for her in a luxury apartment in London's Mayfair.

The busty Bangladeshi had demanded so much money she had difficulty stuffing it all into her cream designer handbag.

She then spread herself across the bed and offered our man a range of the kind of sordid "party tricks" she had played on her most famous conquest, former England boss Sven Goran Eriksson.

But she made the mistake of contacting a News of the World undercover man she believed to be a fixer who arranged prostitutes for wealthy businessmen in London.

They agreed to meet in a busy restaurant. As Faria ate curry at the Bombay Brasserie in south Kensington, the sultry former PA chatted about her famous friends
Then Faria tried to justify what she was doing — claiming that all women secretly wanted to be hookers.

"Let me tell you something — most women, if they could get away with it, they would do it," she said. "I know most people would.

"If they could get a way around it where nobody could find out, they wouldn't say anything. It's trusting, that's the thing."

Quotes from the article I love Spanking from the News of the World.

I read the article, and watched the clips, and my stomach was turning. I was suprised that she was working as an escort. I do not know why, but I just was.

I wonder why Faria believed this man was a fixer.I imagine with her rates,and reputation, she relied on word of mouth to get clients. It looks like she was set up.

If you watch the clips, one guy leaves, and another one comes in. It looks pretty fishy to me. The reporter pays her, and then says he has changed his mind.

What a price to pay to be featured on the front page of a tabloid on Sunday.

I cannot imagine what Faria must be feeling like today. The paper mentioned that she said she would do anything to become famous.

I have a hunch that this is not the sort of publicity she was after. I cannot imagine the conversation she has had to have with her family as a result of this.

Have a good week.

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I would empathize with absolutely any woman who took measures to conceal her identity who'd be outed - no matter how thorough or not those measures were. But it doesn't appear to be the case at all.

The way she appeared to be conducting her business from the article was almost asking for it. Using and capitalizing on her real name to get more money? It was inevitable she'd be outed.

Now, the question (in my mind) is:

- Was she savy and smart enough to understand this and in fact, anticipate this scandal? Was this her plan? In this case I am amazed, impressed and wonder what her idea was and what future would hold.

- Was she so naive she jumped into the waters without any research and thought nothing would happen to her? But if she was a celebrity already - didn't she know how hungry reporters are for any dirty details?

I have no idea who or what kind of person she is - this is the first time I ever heard her name. But if she indeed thought this could fly indefinitely, I cannot bring myself to feel sorry for her because this was way beyond foolish.
I do not believe anything that rag prints. Having said that, I don't buy it, nor do I read it !

If she can get an £8000 fee then good luck to her.

If I got that amount for one punt I would only need the one job per week............... :) * smiles greedily now*

Thank you for your comments.

This is another situation, where I find it difficult to figure out what went on.

I cannot imagine that she would want something like this to happen.

I wonder why she ventured out of her usual string of referrals,as she had a lot to lose.

I heard about her, when the same paper covered her affair with Sven.

I suppose anybody that we come across could be a reporter, and we may not always have ways of knowing that.


Thanks for your comments.

Yesterday was the first time that I read News of the World. It does have a reputation,lol.
It seems that her inflated asking price is based on the idea that men will pay a premium for the dubious privilege of following in the "footsteps" of Sven-Goran Eriksson.

Had England won the World Cup, I could understand the logic--in a twisted kind of way--but given the fact that carnal knowledge of Ms. Alam failed to imbue said Mr. Eriksson with divine inspiration, it seems to me that her bid price is extortionate.

Is Sir Paul McCartney a soccer fan?
"I do not believe anything that rag prints."

Does blueslady not believe the videos either, or does she believe the videos, but not the printed word?
Totally worth it.
James B,

Thank you for your comments.

That is one way of looking at it.

I did not believe the printed word until I saw the videos.

Thank you for your comments. Could you elaborate please?
I've never heard of this woman before, but if I had 8,000 lbs to blow, I;d blow it on a bangladeshi persian like her ;-)

8,000 lbs for 2 hours? Totally worth it ;-)
No I did not believe the videos either. Sorry.

There are two sides to a story, and if I am being told one side of it, and then someone admits it came from the News of The World.... well !
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