Monday, January 22, 2007

Breach of Contract

I believe that relationships between clients and escorts that move to another level, are frowned upon, from both sides of the fence.

I think having a relationship with a client, who then becomes a partner, can be complex. My view is that the change in dynamics within the relationship, is the most difficult issue to overcome.

There are different reasons that I have come across from escort friends, clients and , message boards.

Okay, this is what I have picked up.If anyone decides to embark on this road, they are advised to go in with their eyes open. They need to be aware of all the pitfalls, it is not going to be straightforward. There is a view that most escorts have a cold exploitative streak, and are unable to be monogamous. There is a possibility that an escort has a relationship with a client in desperation, and when she is settled will move on.Finally, it is difficult to forget how both of you met, and this may be used in arguments.

There are couples out there that have overcome these difficulties. I hope it stays that way for them. However, I believe they are in the minority. The general view is that it will all end in tears.

I came across this article yesterday

When City analyst Michael Stewart's marriage fell apart he found comfort in the arms of a call girl. Quickly and unexpectedly, he fell in love and the couple became engaged.

Michelle Howe told him she would give up working as a £250-an-hour escort and Mr Stewart thought he had found a partner for life.

Nine years on, Mr Stewart is suing his former lover for more than £600,000, claiming she duped him.

She tells a very different story, claiming the money from Mr Stewart was for escort duties and sex and that he hired her as an "exclusive companion and courtesan," taking her on paid trips to New York and Amsterdam.

However, she claims that at all times she regarded her relationship with Mr Stewart as a business affair and that she only quit the agency so that she could supply him with "regular sexual services in return for money and gifts."

In legal documents, Miss Howe maintains she paid for the bulk of the mortgages and all the money paid to her was for the sexual services she provided.

Her submission to the High Court states: "(Mr Stewart) required exclusivity of (Miss Howe) and she in turn willingly acquiesced to be his exclusive companion and courtesan. (Miss Howe) continued to supply regular sexual services in return for money and gifts."

But Mr Stewart said: "You can't describe an eight-year relationship as a business relationship. It's a ridiculous lie. We were engaged and I was in love."

This is the full article from The Mail on Sunday.

He says he has been conned. She says she was an escort.

Was he in denial?

Is it impossible to have a relationship with an escort and spend £600,000+ and keep it a business relationship?

If the relationship had changed to a normal relationship with no money changing hands *coughs*, is it appropriate to start to demand your money back?

Is this the sort of thing that escorts can expect from clients that they have relationships with, given that most relationships do not last forever?

Who do you believe?

What do you think is going on?

Is anyone to blame?

My friend James B has dropped his novia, I wonder whether he will demand his money back?

*Gets flame retardent coat and runs for cover*

Have a good week?

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She needs to produce some proof that this was a business, like documents, tax returns etc., and he needs to produce some evidence that this was cohabitation, like joint purchases, personal gifts from her etc.

In the case of my novia, her sole assets are me and her kids, plus her status as heir to my estate, plus several pairs of shoes and jeans, so suing her would seem to be a circular process.

Thank you for your comments.

It will be interesting to see what the outcome of this case will be.
It sounds as though there is no dispute that they were cohabitating, so it went beyond the normal escort-client relationship. But how far? What was promised; what were the obligations of and expections by each? It likely will come down to a question of credibility. I'll try to avoid judging credibility at all -- doing so without having met or seen either of them would inevitably be based on some sort of stereotype, and therefore unfair.

These types of situations, though, are not exclusive to the escort-client relationship. Anytime a woman moves in with, and is supported by, a man there is the possibility of misunderstanding and that one or both will wind up feeling (or saying they feel) exploited.

Talk, talk, talk before walking into something like this. No matter who you are and how you met; this is not at all unique to escort-client. And think about how to deal with the consequences if your feelings for each other change at some point.


Thank you for your comments. I agree that this situation is not restricted to relationships between clients and escorts.
My best friend in college...a few years ago, his father was ensnared by a manipulative dancer he met at a strip club. She enticed him into leaving his wife (at age 68) and after she bled him dry (within a few weeks) left him at the side of the road, a broken man, and a devastated family.

I'd be more inclined to believe the man (in this case).

Thanks for your comments. I hear what you are saying. I feel it is difficult to know where the truth lies.
I am playing at the arena that tends to border on relationships. I know and communicate with women who often enter into long-term and semi-exclusive arrangements with their clients.

And if she is a true courtesan, she would never allow him to fall for the illusion for the sake of getting a stable stream of income from him. That's a breach of integrity. On the other hand, it is possible that he is a manipulative asshole and he knew they had an arrangement all this time, and now he is simply trying to have his cake and eat it too.

So, if one of them is telling the truth and another islying, my sympaties are obvious. If both genuinely believe what they are saying... she wasn't a good courtesan.
When people fall out of love, it's always the pocket they hit when they feel violated/taken for granted/by-passed in favour of another.

In this case I would agree with the last poster saying she is not a true courtesan. She sounds like a money grabber to me.
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