Friday, January 19, 2007

Unwanted guests

Something to look forward to on an Outcall. Thankfully, I have not had this experience yet, and hope I never do. The sad part of this story is their guests followed them home.

An American lawyer and his wife are suing an exclusive London hotel for millions of dollars after they were left with a most unpleasant souvenir of their trip to the capital. Sidney and Cynthia Bluming booked into the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hyde Park last May expecting luxury, pampering and relaxation. Instead they found themselves nibbled for five days and nights by legions of bedbugs who inflicted hundreds of bites on them, leaving their skin red, swollen and itchy.

The ordeal did not end there. The tiny creatures embedded themselves in the Blumings' luggage and clothing, hitching a transatlantic ride to their Manhattan apartment, where they continued biting the couple until they fumigated their apartment and replaced their clothing, bedding, luggage and personal effects. According to their lawsuit, the experience left the Blumings traumatised and haunted by the fear that some of the bugs had survived to prey on them as they slept.

Sam Jones and Agencies for the Guardian Newspaper, Unwanted guests.

An interesting post by Jeff Jarvis who says Size does not matter it is who views your content.

Just when we were getting used to it, the page view has been declared dead. There are many reasons for its passing, having to do with how web pages are now made and how web content is now distributed. But there is one seismic implication to this - in media, mass is over. Size doesn’t matter.

In a world of so many choices, the audience care about trust, taste, relevance, usefulness, not ratings. And advertisers care more about targeting, efficiency, engagement, branding and return on investment. These are better measurements than print circulation or broadcast ratings or online page views. And so now, publishers, advertisers and technologists must catch up and change their yardsticks for success yet again. It is time to measure quality over quantity.

Jeff Jarvis Guardian column death of the page view .

Have a good weekend.

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Some years ago in France in what seemed a very clean hotel we found bed bugs in the night. They seemed huge and when squashed oozed fresh red blood.


Thank you for reminding me Nia!

Thank you for your comments. Did you complain?
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