Sunday, January 07, 2007

Becoming An Ex-Sex Worker

This is another paper by Teela Sanders who wrote
Sex work is a risky business, which is on my booklist on the sidebar.

Teela, has kindly given me permission to share this paper with my readers, as it is not available on the internet. Thank you Teela.

This is the type of information that Margaret is looking for.

This article has four core aims. First, to identify the processes of change women undertake
to leave sex work through a typology of transitions. The typology suggests four dominant
ways out of sex work as reactionary, gradual planning, natural progression, and
“yo-yoing.” Second, the article argues against the low self-control theory by asserting that
sex workers engage in specific deviant “careers” rather than stable deviant roles and,
therefore, exit to “complete conformist” once sex work is ceased. Third, it rejects
Mansson and Hedin’s claim that the “emotional commitment” of individual women is the
key factor to leaving and instead argues that structural, political, cultural, and legal factors
as well as cognitive transformations and agency are key determinants in trapping
women in the industry. Fourth, the article challenges the U.K. policy context that reinforces
“exiting” through compulsory rehabilitation and the criminalization of sex work.

Becoming An Ex-Sex Worker

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