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Shopkeepers exchange sex in return for clothes

I had mentioned in my unexpected requests post that I had seen escorts offering their services on messageboards in exchange for different services.

These are Bluesladys comments in the unexpected requests post

"I have had offers of work in exchange for "favours". I have also had artists offering to let me have their work in exchange for mine.

The reason I always decline has nothing to do with undervaluing either individual, but simply it crosses boundaries, or makes them fuzzy at the edges. There is nothing quite as clinical as cold hard cash at the end of a lovely encounter. Everyone knows where they stand,and a return visit is far more likely :) "

I came across an interesting article yesterday, and women seem to be doing it in Iran.

1.Estimated number of Iranian women who work as prostitutes,300,000.
2.Average age of prostitutes in Iran 20. Many are girls who have run away from home.

In a smart boutique displaying an array of miniskirts and skimpy tops, the shopkeeper was too busy attending to his female customers to listen to a sermon on HIV/Aids. "I don't know anything about it at all. Come back after I've finished with my customers," he told the volunteer health education worker.

In the Qaem mall in north Tehran's affluent Tajrish district, where two floors are dedicated to women's fashion, several shopkeepers admitted to first-hand experience of receiving offers of sex. Arash, 23, said he had been propositioned 40 or 50 times in his store. "I reckon that 50% of shopkeepers have accepted sex in return for clothes," he said.

Ahmed Reza, 23, admitted having accepted such offers. "I was sitting outside the shop when two women came and said they wanted to try various manteaus [overcoats]," he said. "They asked for a bargain and I offered them the standard discount. But they said, 'We cannot pay that - if you give us a good discount and your mobile number, we will serve you'. So I gave them more discount and got their mobile numbers.

"I can tell a prostitute by their attitudes and body language. When she asks the price of something, I say it's much more than it really is. Then I reduce it when she asks for discount, so she think she's getting a great bargain and offers sex."

Deals between prostitutes and boutique owners raise fears over spread of disease, an article by Robert Tait of the Guardian.

Escort Advertising

I have come across some interesting posts by other bloggers regarding escorts advertising on the internet versus paper advertising.

LA Player has an intersting post on Price,Law and sex travel.

His post mentions that it is cheaper to advertise in the paper, where he is. This is not the case in the UK. Conversations that I have had with other escorts who advertise in papers, or magazines in London, prove that they spend more money on their advertising.

You pay X pounds to advertise on Eros per month. If I was to put an ad in my local paper it would cost me three times what I would pay for an Eros ad. The same applies to topshelf magazines. When the Herald Tribune ran ads, that was pretty expensive too, but the advertising was worth it. There are other magazines that are just as pricey. A friend had given me the name of a magazine that she used, that had rates that were in line with internet based sites. It did not work for me, but then I only advertised there for two months. I think the women who advertise in papers or magazines, are trying to cover all bases, and clearly not all clients look on the internet. The internet is easier for me. My friends who advertise in papers have hundreds, and I mean hundreds of calls per day. I could not deal with this. Their rates tend to be lower, in most cases, however they are busy. I believe you get more exposure on the internet. I am happy with internet advertising.

Here is a post from the Saafe site in the UK.Where to advertise.

Note that they do not mention any paper advertising. The cost of advertising on Punternet is very cheap and as they are the largest, most well known site in the UK, they send lots of traffic to anyone who advertises on there. On Captain 69, you pay for yearly membership, which is reasonable, and you can advertise on there.

Glengarry Leads has just come back from LA, and his post shows that paper advertising is working there.

Scarface thinks it is money down the drain in his post.

I know that it works for some escorts, but it is not a form of advertising that I want to use, as I am happy with what I do. As I said, the volume of calls is a major deterrent for me. I think there are also limitations on what you can put in your ads.

I read this story yesterday, and have so much respect for what Oprah Winfrey does.

Oprah Winfrey was already the planet's most watched talkshow host, one of America's most successful magazine publishers, a billionaire, an Oscar-nominated actor, the most important black philanthropist in the US and, according to several assessments, the most influential woman in the world.

So from one perspective, the school that she opened for 152 poor South African girls outside Johannesburg yesterday was perhaps not all that significant. But that was not how it felt for Buhle Zulu, 12, who found herself whisked from sleeping on a floor with six family members in Soweto to her own bedroom and bathroom in the site, funded with $40m (£20m) of Winfrey's $1.5bn fortune. The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls also features computer and science laboratories, a theatre, library, gymnasium, health centre, sports fields and beauty salon.

"I went to their homes. I know all of them by name. Their story is my story," Winfrey said. She had chosen "every brick, tile, sheet and spoon" in the academy herself, she added.

Mr Mandela, the 88-year-old former South African president, was helped to the stage by Winfrey. "The key to any country's future is in educating its youth," he told the audience. "Oprah is therefore not only investing in a few young individuals but in the future of our country. We are indebted to her for her selfless efforts. This is a lady that, despite her own disadvantaged background, has become one of the benefactors of the disadvantaged throughout the world and we should congratulate her for that."

"Their story is my story" an article by Andrew Meldrum of the Guardian.

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Nia, I can appreciate and respect why you would admire Oprah Winfrey. But I think it would be beneficial to you to understand that many, many men feel contempt for her.

Winfrey represents a good deal of what has gone wrong with contemporary feminism, especially in the United States. I don't have time to write an essay on this, but the basic issue is her attitude of "I should have it all". Equal rights, as well as special treatment; a rewarding career as a personal priority, along with home and family as a reason for being.

Winfrey has made millions by exploiting the suffering of others, as fodder for her daily talk show -- and purposely selects subject matter that vilifies and degrades men. If a man were to do what she has done -- incessantly targeting women with subversive propaganda designed to turn men against them -- he would be the most hated and reviled person in the entire media community. But Winfrey, for some reason, is a hero because she has become a billionaire.
Yes, I haven't always been all that impressed with what Oprah does, but I saw this picture in the Sunday newspaper a couple of weeks ago, and the expressions on the girls faces was a delight to see. It would have touched my heart, if I had one.

Oprah was asked why she did not found her school in the US, and she said that it was because you never see bright 12-year-olds crying in the US because no one can afford for them to continue school.

I do not watch her show any longer,as it is not available here.

I was not aware that many men felt contempt for her.

I have to say, I never felt that the subject for her talk shows villified and degraded men. I have not watched her show for a number of years, so maybe things have changed.

I have never come across the sentiments that you are expressing towards her.

I am really sorry that you feel that way about her.

Well, as to whether she has made millions exploiting the suffering of others, is debatable. People choose to go on her show. They are not forced to. She has made a huge difference, in a lot of peoples lives.


I watched it on the news yesterday, and it brought tears to my eyes. She has helped children in Africa, who would not have had those opportunities.
I think most everyone has an element of respect for Oprah. What she has been able to achieve is great. She is very smart about leveraging the power of her show to make top-dollar. Nothing goes on that show without her making some money off of it. A new book about feminism? Fee paid. A new product that every woman MUST have? Fee paid. The airline that gets mentioned in the program as having been kind enough to fly her and her team to South Africa for the opeining of the school? BIG fee paid. Etc. Oprah is a cash machine. She purposely engineers situations that exploit the plights of others, show her being benevolent by arranging such awesome gifts, she gets to be the hero, while she collects huge fees from every corporate "donor" who pitches in to help the poor people. GE pays Oprah money for the opportunity to donate that refrigerator to the poor people who can;t afford to buy one. Stuff like that.

Women who stay home with the kids all love her to death. She is one of the few programs on daytime TV that is not pure "trash" TV.

I like Oprah's "positioning", and appreciate the fact that she does mostly positive things, but unfortunately, I work in media, and I can see through the things that most Americans could never see about her. I understand her business too well.

I think Scar is right. Oprah does much to tell women "what it is supposed to be like" at home, and makes them feel bad for not having it. Pity the poor man who comes home at night after a long day at work, only to find that his wife has taped an episode of Oprah for him to watch. This has happened to friends of mine.

And now we have Doctor Phil. And I can clearly see the tea leaves that we're soon to have "Doctor Oz" on TV as well. BTW, I like Dr Oz. he is one of the few truly good things Oprah has done.

Is that what happens?

You get home, and you have to watch Oprah to change your ways,lol.

Who is Dr Oz?
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