Thursday, December 28, 2006

Unexpected requests

Regular clients tend to know more about me than non regulars. One of my regulars is aware of what I do outside escorting, and asked me to be a part of his business team. I was flattered, and shocked. He clearly thought that what I am doing at the moment, would work well, with the business he has set up.

I declined the request, but was tempted. The issues for me were again around boundaries. It is not something that I would feel comfortable with at all.If I applied to work for an organisation, and realised that a client was a member of the staff team, I would leave.

You come across so many different types of professionals as an escort. I have to admit that at times, I wish I could use the services of some of my clients, but I do not feel it is appropriate.

I have heard of an accountant who does the books of all the escorts he sees. I have seen an optician who offered to check my eyes, but again I refused.

I know that some escorts sometimes put messages on boards offering their time in exchange for certain services, ie plumber, interior design,gardening.

Have any of you been in a similar situation?

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A client offered me to work for him in a marketing/PR role, and since he was heading an environmental organization I was extremely seriously tempted. The main reason I declined was not so much him being a client, but my discovery that his firm in my opinion had no serious prospects or projects that agreed with me.

What happens more often is that I develop a mentoring relationship with a client. They end up knowing what my ambitions are and tend to be extremely happy to help with any advice, both personal and professional, I might need.
Hi Thais,

Thank you for your comments. It is touching when clients offer their expertise.
I don;t remember if I already commented on this. SOmetimes the login gets weird and forgets that I'm already logged-in.

Trades rarely ever work. Someone always feels like they got the raw end of the deal. Even though money is alo a trade, for some reasons it is just not the same.

Why does it not work? Because a girl usually tends to think that an hour of her time is worth exponentially more than an hour of most professionals. I'm not saying that would be the case with you, but I have found a giant gap between what girls think is a fair trade. That's why it is usually best not to trade.
...I have seen an optician who offered to check my eyes...

On a *totally* non-serious note, having a wanting-to-be-helpful gynecologist as a client could only be bizarre and weird leading to the following horrible scenario:

(Lazily, she stretches an arm down and gently taps on the top of the head wondering aloud, "Umm...Is this for me or for you?")

The mind reels.

Now that I've demonstrated the questionable taste to share that thought and burned the image into everyone's brain, have a happy, safe and prosperous New Year. See you on the other side of 2006/2007.


I do not do trades, and have no intention of ever doing so.


LMAO, Happy New year to you.
I have had offers of work in exchange for "favours". I have also had artists offering to let me have their work in exchange for mine.

The reason I always decline has nothing to do with undervaluing either individual, but simply it crosses boundaries, or makes them fuzzy at the edges. There is nothing quite as clinical as cold hard cash at the end of a lovely encounter. Everyone knows where they stand,and a return visit is far more likely :)
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