Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Problems posting comments

I have had a number of problems posting comments on other blogs today. My blogger ID kept on getting rejected. You may find that if you post anonymously, or use the other label it gets through.

Some readers have had problems posting comments to my blog, too.

The problem lies with the blogger software,grrrrrr.

I am not ignoring any of your comments, and if you can, just keep trying.


You are using Blogger. Some upgraded to Blogger beta, me included. Now all newly created blogs are supposed to be on beta. The two systems are not compatible. Beta requires you to create a Google account with any email address, and log in using that instead of user name. I had the same problem. But now if I login to the correct system, I'm OK. I don't know about your case, the reverse.
Well, this post got through. I think the problem is that Google has upgraded, and if you have an old Blogger ID, they now want you to use your Google ID, which may be the same as your Gmail account, if you have one, which I do.

Posters should therefore log in first with their Google ID and THEN write the post.

Your blog does not allow anonymous comments, so a person who does not already have a Blogger ID will just have to sign up for a Google ID, and should not have any problems.

Good luck to all!
Thanks LAP & James,

I have just read on Blogger that it was down, but the problem has been rectified.
By the way, if you're using a different google email account for "other" activities (ones that you might want to keep very seperate from this activity), you might want to make sure that when you navigate to gmail, that you have a look at which name you are logged-in as. If you thought you were logged into your "real world" gmail account, and then you create a hooker post on your blog, and then go back to "real life" to write another email, it is probably under your hooker name. Just be real careful. This is what I hate about google accounts. They are trying to universalize everything. I personally do not mind logging in all the time. Keeps the secutity nice and good.
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