Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I did all my family Christmas shopping last week, and it was all delivered yesterday. Yipee, I am getting there, slowly but surely. Now, all that is left is friends and colleagues, and writing the cards. The writing of cards, is so daunting, there are so many. If I stop sending them out, I start getting all these phone calls to check that I am okay.

LA Player has tagged me, which means I need to come up with six weird things about myself.

1. I used to sleepwalk.

2. My hands start to shake if I drink anything with caffeine in it.

3. When the soles of my feet start to itch, I am in for a bout of bad luck.

4. I got caught having sex with my boyfriend on a beach in the tropics at five am in the morning, by security, years ago. *Oh those were the days*

5. When I go for job interviews, and am really nervous, my eyes start twitching.

6. I read a friend's palm as a joke, and everything I told her was true. She freaked out, and no longer speaks to me, as she thinks I can read her mind.

I now have to tag six bloggers. I am tagging Compartments Latin Siren , Mercurial girl , Scarface, Beau and Blonde bohemian.

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Thanks Nia


but I am never, ever going to let you read my palm!

B xx
PS Mine are already here - but does that mean I have to do six more????

You have nothing to fear, right?

No you do not have to do six more, I realised you had done it, after I posted. You lucky man.
Beau, You have nothing to fear, right?

Mmmmm, I'm not sure Nia, I'm really not.

* said from behind the sofa where Beau is hiding *
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