Saturday, November 25, 2006

People Pleasing

I opened my work(non escort related) email yesterday, and my personal email , and found lots of invitations to meet for drinks, meals and parties for December.

My heart sank. December, is usually a manic month for me. I tend to see a lot of people just before Christmas and the New year, that I have not been able to meet in the year. I have a number of things that I do aside from escorting, so the numbers of people is quite high. My experience is that some people get quite upset if you do not attend their Christmas parties, and take it quite personally.It is a time for me to thank friends and colleagues for all their support throughout the year, and catch up in a non work environment.

It is really hard for me to find a balance, between pleasing friends, colleagues, ex colleagues, and clients. I really can only see people who have given me ample notice in December, because it is too manic otherwise. I end up feeling stressed out.It is Sod's law, that most clients tend to call when my diary is filling up, and I have to let them down. If I spend most of my time seeing clients, then I do not get to see my friends, which is important for me.

Escorting is part of my life, and not all of my life, and I like to keep it that way. I take my hat off to women in the industry whose lives revolve totally around escorting, and are not jaded. I think I would go mad, if I was in that position.I need to have parts of my life that are not based on how I look, how much I weigh, how I am dressed,what I do and do not do;to remain sane.

Can you please all the people all the time?

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I must admit to have found over the years such Christmas festivities often a duty rather than a pleasure - which is a shame.

There are some groups of clients and escorts who also meet up for an "Office Party" - often based on a messageboard membership and those who are "in" at the moment. I've never been tempted. (Oh, alright then! I admit it. I've never been invited!)

B xx

It takes the fun out of it, when it feels like a duty.

The Messageboard office parties, are not my scene, either.
The good thing about modern times is that such a large percentage of the influx of women to the market are actually part-timers. As customers, trust me, the guy WANTS a girl with some balance in her life. The ladies that (obviously) do it full-time, generally SUCK in bed. They give a non-memorable experience and end up using their bodies in a manner inconsistent with its design.

I'd far prefer to see a girl who just got back from lunch with her girlfriends as opposed to a lady that just screwed 4 men before me.

I rarely hear this from clients, but then some clients feel they may offend me if they tell me how they feel.
I think you may have fallen for the hype GGL. Of course we may like to think we are the only man in that escort's life that week, that day, that afternoon, that hour ...

But ...

Some escorts are extremely professional and are capable of giving a wonderful time to each client whether they see four clients a day or four clients a week.

They may tell you they only see one client every other day, and as you had such a good time ...

... perhaps you didn't notice the next client climbing out of his car outside for the next appointment.

There are some wgs working in UK parlours - brothels - who have excellent reviews consistently even though they may be seeing ten to twenty clients a day.

Yes I like to think my time with an escort is so special because she has made time just for me because she likes me so much and only sees a few special clients each week. But then I love to live in a fantasy world.

It could be that the escort who really does only see two or three clients a week in among her other career commitments is actually less committed to making that time so special for her client - and even less competent at it.
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