Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Occupational Hazards

There is always a first time. A friend had given a client my number. I went on an Outcall to his hotel. I walked into his hotel room, and Mr Golden Ager, had seen several girls that night. He had stamina, and I wonder whether he was on Viagra. I have never met anyone of that age, who could go for so long.

Well, he went down on me, for hours. He sucked, and sucked, and sucked. Like a baby to a mother's breast. I had to stop him, and tell him that it was time to bring things to a close. What I was not aware of, was that my pussy lips were swollen, which surprised me, because I was not sore.

They looked like I had been given numerous botox injections,down there. It freaked the hell out of me. By the look on his face, his mission was accomplished, and he still wanted more! Apparently this is what he did to the escorts he saw.

I was upset, as I thought that I was disfigured. This happened when I first started, and I did not feel I could call my friend and tell her. It took more than a week, for my pussy lips to return to their normal size.

I have only had one other occasion, where I did my back in, while seeing a client.He put every muscle in my body to use, and again it was a number of days before I could work again.

I read this yesterday, something else that I have to worry about.

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"Sorry Nia"

Sniff, snort ...

"Gi'sa kiss!!!"


It will really depend on where you are based, given that article,LOL!
Regarding the article I promise that I don't have scabies!

But I do think that the common cold is probably the most regularly passed on sexually transmitted disease!

I'm sure I once caught one through oral sex! Is that possible????

An escort friend of mine used to get cystitis quite regularly which often stopped her working. It's another reason why clients should always shower at the start of an appointment. It's not just to male sure they smell nice - but at least their hands might then be clean before touching intimate areas ...

The common cold from Oral sex. I think it is possible. If she had been touching herself, down below, and not washed her hands.

If you can get a cold from a door handle, then why not?

I could be wrong. If there are any health professionals out there, they can give us more info.
At least here, we have the rotovirus going around. It is spread through fecal matter and that means one must wash hands with soap and physically rinse (no hand gels). It grabbed most member of my family over the course of 7 days, and even revisited those who'd gotten it first. A nasty bugger.

Stay clean

I wonder how many rimmers out there got the rotovirus?
I suppose that is why so few escorts do rimming - quite sensibly.

But when one meets one that does - it is such fun!!!


B x

(PS Pru once wrote on her blog about the fact that she often might make a client rim her when she was working as a Domme. But one day a client did so as part of a GFE appointment. When he then wanted to kiss her ...


I don't lick door handles!

B xx
I've started another thread above about the health link rather than the main post - I'm sorry, because it has detracted from the main post that was very serious and I will try to discuss it properly now.

I can understand a client enjoying sucking on your pussy lips. If this was done to sensitise them to give you and him pleasure then fine.

But this was where he was wanting to mark you. To claim some kind of ownership of you.

That happens. What is a wedding ring? It can also happen in terms of bodily modification - for instance a love bite or more permanently a tattoo.

But these markings are consensual - part of a personal relationship not a commercial one.

Something like what this man did, if deliberate - and it sounds deliberate, is totally unacceptable. All the more so because it was done through subterfuge. You had no idea what he had done until it was too late. I think it was a kind of assault - physical and emotional.

Being assaulted - or just feeling assaulted - is not just about being struck.

I suppose it is tales like this that help illuminate the power relationships inherrent in this area of work and the ways in which some men seek to abuse that. I think few men understand the likely emotional impact of such "games" though.

B xx

Yes Mr Goldenager definitely left his mark! I believe it was deliberate, with the permanent smile on his face.
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