Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What do you do on Payday?

The industry is based on needs and desires. I am always amazed at how certain months of the year are really busy, and then you have quiet periods. It fluctuates all the time, and I can never predict how work is going to come in(no pun intended) .

I read this yesterday. Millions of adults blow 350 million pounds on payday and it got me thinking, as I do.

Some escorts say they are really busy on paydays, some can see no difference.

I know that when it is payday for me, Mr Bills gets paid. It saddens me, and causes such internal conflict, that he always get a percentage of what I earn.

I think it is so easy as an escort to splurge whatever comes in. There is so much focus on how you look, that it is so easy to justify shopping for clothes, shoes,and bags as a work expense.

I had a client Mr Puntaddict, who spent most of his earnings on escorts, and got into major debt. He just could not stop, and continues.

How many of you arrange a date on Payday?

What do you do as soon as your Pay has gone in?

It is amazing when things are quiet, and then most escorts I know are quiet.

Do all the men out there send each other ESP messages, saying let us keep the sex drive low?

If you are booking an escort in the US and need an alibi, the Petulant Pooner can show you how!

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