Sunday, December 03, 2006

Showing my face

I am puzzled and bewildered. I get emails asking me for unblurred photos.

What are these men thinking?

As all my photos on my site are blurred.

Why would I send unblurred photos to a total stranger?

I am curious, could someone try and help me understand what the people who email me are thinking?

Mr Swot tends to only book escorts who have unblurred photos. He told me he took a huge risk with me.

I wonder why?

I guess if you have had a number of experiences where the person you see disappoints, it is safer to see someone who has unblurred photos.

Most of my clients say they come to see me, because my photos are blurred.

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I'm not sure why someone would come to see you because your photos were blurred? Do they like people with blurred faces? Do they enjoy the tension in waiting to see whether you look anything like the picture they have created in their head?

I understand perfectly why most escorts do not show their faces on the site. It always surprises me though how many do.

An escort friend once set up a members only section of her site. She charged a one off fee of £150 for membership - the same as she was at that time charging for an hour's appointment. But on it she had pictures showing her face - nothing more explicit than on her main pages other than showing her face. She reasoned that anyone paying £150 could visit her and see what she looked like anyway!

Interestingly many men joined - quite a number of them fans from the US who would, most likely never get to meet her in person.

B xx

My clients have told me the reason for seeing me, because my photo is blurred, is discretion.

So they do not walk into a restaurant or hotel with me, and I am recognisable, to all and sundry.
Oh I get it! I'm so dense sometimes!!!

I think having an expectation of an unblurred photo is unrealistic. My experience has been that if you are pleased with the 98% of the body that you CAN see, you will be more than pleased with that remaning 2%. Back when I first began punting, there was no photoshop, so either the photos were posed in a way that one could not tell anything about the lady, or the face was simply cut out of the photo (or blacked in). It sucked. These men should be thankful that photoshop can blur a face without destroying the ability to tell if she is still pretty. It is a good balance, IMHO.

I'm more shocked at the large multitudes of women that do NOT blur themselves. They are kidding themselves if they do not think their friends and family will eventually see their career choice. The world is a very small place, and that is a fact.

I assume the women who do not blur their photos, are open with their family and friends about their career choice. Or they simply do not care.
An escort friend who had been "outed" - so that ALL her friends and family knew - still did not show her face on the website. She didn't want to be recognised walking down the street by any fourteen year old kid with a computer in his bedroom.

I'm intrested also in the difference between shots that avoid showing the face or cut off the head as opposed to blurred face shots. I prefer artistic shots that avoid the face or even "cut off" shots - but another escort I discussed this with (in some detail as I took some photographs for her) was insistent on wanting blurred face photos.

What do others like?
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