Saturday, December 02, 2006

Do you remember

I have just opened my post and received my first two Christmas cards already!

I have a pretty good memory, but when I am stressed out, it does fail me. I had a client Mr Scandi, who I had seen before. I saw him once or twice a year, when he was in the UK, and each time I saw him, he did not realise that he had seen me before, until after the act.

I found this hilarious, as I do not look any different.A few pounds here and there, and a hairstyle change :).

I have a friend who has had a similar experience, but her client realised that he had seen her, after he left.

I read about clients on messageboards, who are suprised that escorts remember their names. I think if you are seeing lots of new clients, it is challenging to remember everybody, unless you keep records.

Some of my regulars call me up, and are surprised that I remember who they are.

Is it that difficult with regulars??????

Do you remember the names and faces of everyone you see?

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Nia who?

* puzzled look *

B x

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