Friday, December 01, 2006

Protect yourself

Today is World Aids Day. A reminder to all those bareback merchants out there. I have had clients who have asked me for bareback, and it continues to amaze me.All of them, are educated, but clearly education has no bearing on a person's understanding of unsafe sex.

Maybe they do not give a damn?

What infuriates me, is that just because these men are prepared to take these risks, why do they assume that I will do the same???

They are definitely in the minority, but still out there.

So Hiv infection in the UK rises to 63,500. It is back to behaviour change as the original thought that large scale treatment would reduce transmission has turned out to be an optimistic idea. The strategy for avoiding HIV/Aids is simple use condoms.

More information on this here.

Aids Pandemic gains new strength, more information in the article.

The latest UN report suggests hope about Aids is not entirely misplaced, have a look at the article here.

The UN Data for North America, West and Central Europe,have a look at the article.

One of the first books that I read about Aids, was

Days of Grace by Arthur Ashe

It was a very moving, sad, thought provoking book.

There are so many out there now, and they really give you some insight on how your life changes with this diagnosis.

You can help those affected by joining the Red Campaign or donating your old shoes to the Shoe biz appeal.

Protect yourselves.

Have a good weekend.

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