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Men brag about three things: sporting achievment, sexual prowess and everything else. The fact that a man is rubbish at sport and pathetic in bed seems to have no bearing on his ability to brag. In fact bragging is often the one thing he's really good at.

Women, meanwhile brag by reflection. They construct conversations that reflect well on them, so other women can see the successful context in which they're modestly living. It's a more complex type of bragging and needs longer conversations.

One of the measures of whether a thing is worth doing is if you feel the need to brag about it. Bragging shows that perhaps you did not get as much out of it as you were hoping.

Bragging can be counterproductive. Saying you make the world's finest fairy cakes will have people secretly spitting them out into handy pot plants. Saying that your fairy cakes are rubbish will have people praising them to the skies and forcing them down even when they taste like pot plants. The British do not allow bragging unless they do it for you.

Last month I read a post on the messageboards, someone had submitted multiple reviews. It was funny, because he seemed to be in two different parts of the UK within an hour. Now either it was a typo on his part, or he moves very fast! The number of women he had seen within a space of a week was amazing.

It looked like a form of bragging to me. In fact, some reviews come across as bragging.

Do you ever read reviews and feel the writers are bragging?

Here is the full article on bragging.

Have a good week.

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On our most popular (in the USA) review board (TER), the men actually have motivation to brag (lie). If they submit 2 reviews per month, that qualifies them to receive VIP membership, which allows them to see the gritty details of the encounters, compare prices, etc.

It is so tricky, the review sites are kept going, by the amount of reviews held. However, those sort of incentives, can encourage fake reviewers.
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