Saturday, December 09, 2006

The clip joints in London and the dupes who use them

I cannot believe that some men out there still fall for these scams.There has been so much publicity out there, that they are rip off joints.

A hostess got murdered a year ago, by a disgruntled punter.

I imagine most of the naive men who use them are tourists. A high cost to pay for adult entertainment.

It looks like the council are trying to crack down on them, but some reopen after having been closed down.

Here is the article Sex and the city the clip joints and the church school.

Has anyone out there ever been to these clip joints?

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Similar here, every major city in US has lots of rip-off artists. The history goes back to at least 10 years (I'm not senior enough to put a figure on it). There's a handbook written teaching girls how to do it. To this day, escort ads in the phone book and classified is 100% rip-off.

I went in out of adventure. We paid 10 pounds each, got a drink, saw a fully nude strip show, and watch others being ripped off big time.

I cannot believe it only cost you 10 pounds. The guys here get fleeced in a big way. Maybe it works differently in the US.
No, I actually went into a Soho chip joint, fully aware of their 20 odd (?) years of rip off history.

A street promoter lured us in promising a drink and a strip show. We confirmed that at the door, all for 10 pounds each. Once we sat down, a swam of lovely strippers in under wear rushed to our table. We let them talked a little. Very soon they asked for drinks. I insisted on asking the price. They have no choice but pointing to the fairly large menu on the other empty tables, except ours. That's the well known trick.

Of course we are not going to offer them drinks. They left immediately. Management advised us to leave from time to time but we aren't going away without a show. At the time there was a group of big fish so they don't want to make a scene.

There were a few Germans on a far table, using company card (he he). They order drinks for the ladies without second thought (ha ha). One stripper thought she got a big fish. She was in the guy's arm all evening talking. She even volunteered to do a pole dance. That's how we got to see the strip show. It was such a rare occasion that the other girls stopped what they are doing, watched and learned.

Come bill time, the expression on the guy's face was priceless. Pity that we are a bit far from their table. He was to upset to take the stripper home, even if he could afford that.
I've just had the USA version of the experience. A girl places an ad in the "escort" section of the adult newspaper or classifieds. She proposes the same price as any true full-service escort, and when she arrives, she collects the money. Heck, she usually states in her ad that she IS full-service. What happens next is pretty much nothing. She starts to wiggle around and sway her hips. But no way are you getting her to do anything else. She hints that giving her more money will get her to do much more, but when you cough-up, you realize that the sky is the limit. You'll never get laid.

This had never happened to me before 1995. Sure, I'd had some bad experiences before then, but never such a bold rip-off. And apparently that is the year that it seemed to spread. LA Player is correct. A girl wrote a "book" about it and sold it online in the southern Califnornia area. She apparently influenced a generation of girls who were willing to risk bodily injury from a client in favor of making $300 to do absolutely nothing.

As much as I hate the review sites, they are 100% needed, as this is the only way a guy can prevent being ripped off.
Hey GGL, I missed this. You recently picked a girl from the classified? And you got ripoff first time?
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