Friday, December 08, 2006

Paying for it

I have just finished reading

Paying for it by Greta Christina

Greta says that customers often assume that sex workers lie to them.She says sex workers often assume that customers don't particularly care about them or their well-being. They often assume that most customers are out for as much they can get for as little money as possible, and that if a customer expresses caring or affection,it's a sign that he's a dupe or a nutcase or both, a self-deceived fool with an overactive fantasy life. And this assumption isn't always wrong, either. Much like customers in any business, sex work customers can often be deeply self-deceived and/or monumental jerks. They aren't always, but they can be. There's also a common assumption that the exchange of money is proof that sex workers don't care about their customers , and that in fact they hold their customers in contempt for being pathetic losers who have to pay for it.

The various contributors in the book, come from all sections of the industry. It is easy to read, funny and a guide that I would recommend to all clients.

James B Logwriter has some FAQ for clients, taken from his numerous, and varied experiences .

I have also finished reading The scent of dried roses by Tim Lott For anyone who has friends or family who is depressed, or suicidal this gives a moving insight into what it is like.It is moving, honest and sad. It also gives a detailed history of the working class background that Tim came from in Southall and Ladbroke Grove.

The Maytree organisation is also a useful resource that I came across for anyone who is suicidal in London.

I had a brush with suicide here.

Half my christmas shopping is done, and I have started on the cards, I am getting there.

Have a good week.

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Greta is quite right. I've been with ladies that fit all of the listed categories. And I've probably been more than one category of man (but usually my regular ol self).

I learned not to assume very many things about the ladies I was with (good or bad). I usually leaned more towards assuming that while the girl may have liked me personally (perhaps even sexually), the financial factor was always prominent.

The way in which I would sometimes test a favorite girl's sincerity was by sometimes forgetting to "settle-up" at the beginning of the session. If she collected the cash the same way as when I first met her, then I knew that the more "emotional connection" we had was just not so. If a friendship bond had happened, then she should probably be trusting enough to wait until afterwards to get paid. That would be the classy thing to do. If you're an escort and you want to convey to a client that you do actually value his companionship, then I think that simple gesture is quite nice. Just mention at the bginning that he can pay later.
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