Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Expectations and Assumptions

I have a number of expectations and assumptions about the clients that I see.

I assume that Firstimers will be nervous and not clear about what they want or need.

I expect my regulars to behave, and assume they will not push the boundaries, which does not always happen. Most of the time they are a joy to be with.

I assume that clients who contact me, and tell me what their handle is on messageboards will be hard work. I assume they may ask for discounts, because they are prolific reviewers. I have read that some threaten girls with negative reviews, if they do not get their own way. Fortunately, none of this has happened to me.

I assume and expect that clients who have been recommended by friends will be okay.

Do you have any expectations or assumptions?

Do you think a client would react differently to an escort that he was seeing as a reward, as opposed to an escort that he saw regularly for stress relief?

Do men have different expectations of escorts who are Independent, Agency, well reviewed, not reviewed, very expensive and standard rate?

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I expect that a very highly priced escort offers no more more value (nor a better experience) than one who charges "market rate". But I also realize that some wealthier consumers do their shopping strictly by choosing the most expensive item in the store, regardless of actual value.

I expect an escort to NEVER contact me unless she and I have a very explicit understanding that this is desired on my part.

I expect not only a clean escort, but I expect a respectable environment. Clean and safe.

Since I am paying for her time, I expect to pay for her UNDIVIDED time. That means no taking ANY phone calls during our time together.

I expect not to see a rubbish can filled with used condoms placed immediately next to the bed. These can be disposed of elsewhere in the apartment.

I expect no one else to be in the flat unless I have agreed that it is OK.

I expect the lady to have change available if her rate falls in between what is commonly dispensed by an ATM machine. If she offers to give me change, I'll actually let her keep the $10. If not, I'll hold out for either a $10 reduction, or her admitting that she has $10 on hand. I'm already paying you a lot of money. Keep change.

I expect that the lady will remember our appointment when I arrive at her door, especially if I just booked it 1 hour ago. You'd be amazed how many ladies had no clue who I was despite my booking with her just 45 minutes ago.


I think all your expectations are reasonable, and I cannot disagree with anything you have said.

I read about escorts taking calls while they are with clients, and calling clients too.

You left a very sweet comment about me on ex-Courtesan's blog... and I want to thank you for it... I really mean that.. thank you.

What I did not say there is that I have very particular tastes in women that go to the exotic and... dare I say it this way... women of color (colour in your best petite thin to at most average sizes is my ideal woman.. you by the way look delicios... but I am not asking for something I cannot have

From Courtesans site I have met a gentleman in France who believes he knows someone (Moroccan)... and one of Courtesans readers who is interested in helping me find someone and bing my friend... My Ex was from Guyana and the wife before her was from Sri Lanka .. and I have not been with a white woman in almost 30 now there are some who say they are... but I consider even a light natural brown to be non-white... guess I have my
I guess I need to get to the point... if you want to copy my post from ex-Courtesan's blog or if you permit me to post the same on yours... I am serious, real and while not desperate... I am as I said ready for my life... but have to share it with my daughter... so anyone who is in the business and wants an exclusive clinet or wants a break... well I guess you know what I am getting at... I have until August before I am at my wits end with work traveling to Africa probably 3 times a month, and will need someone in my life hopefully then.

You do not need to let this post on... but I did want to say Thanks... and then I got carried
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