Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hitting below the belt how they name and shame prostitutes and their customers in China

"A parade of prostitutes by police aimed at naming and shaming sex workers in southern china has sparked a backlash by an unusual coalition of lawyers, academics and the All-China Women's Federation.

As part of a two-month crackdown on vice in the cityof Shenzen, public security officers hauled about 100 women and some of their customers through the streets on November 29. Handcuffed and wearing yellow prison tunics, they attracted large crowds of onlookers. Although women tried to cover their faces with surgical masks, it was not enough to hide their identities because police revealed their names, home towns and dates of birth while publicly sentencing them to 15 days in prison.

In a sign of increased consciousness of individual v social rights the police were criticised for going too far."

My heart goes out to the people who were paraded on the streets of China. If that were to happen in the UK, the parade would be enormous.

What I find unusual, is that customers were part of the parade. Most of what I have read on crackdowns involves the providers being taken in, not the clients. Well, this is how they do it in China, sheesh!

Jonathan Watts of the Guardian newspaper writes:

Chinese anger at humiliation of prostitutes.

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I'm sorry, but starting an escorting business in China is like traveling to Havana to hold an anti-Castro rally. You know in advance that you're in very hostile territory.

I mean, on one hand I wish it were decrminalized, but we're talking about fucking CHINA for chrissakes. This is a nation that executes dissidents and then sends the bill for their bullets to the exectuted's family afterwards (and they are serious).

Does anyone remember Tainenmen Square? China may have sold-out its own people to large corporations for the benefit of big industry, but the Chinese people are still living in a repressive regime, and will do so until they take proactive actionagainst it.
I'm sad to say that shaming clients is a common method here in the U.S. Only we don't parade them in the streets, we publish their names and photos in the local newspaper. Nice, eh?

I think we need to be grateful that we live where we do. My heart goes out the people out there.


I was not aware that they did that in the US. It is not nice at all.
Nia, certain police departments have been doing this in recent years. They even publish websites with mug-shot photos and such.

Our current relationship with China, in my opinion, is perhaps the most shameful act that our nation has committed. We have traded access to an incredibly cheap labor market in exchange for "softballing" them on human right and political oppression abuses.

People here might think that China is effectively going through their own version of the industrial revolution, but with one big difference. If they ever tried to organize and force their employers to increase their wages (like we did), they'd go to prison, as the government sets their wages. The government will not risk upsettingthe "market" with worker unrest.

Last week, in a client meeting, I was shocked to learn the true "cost" of a piece of premium furniture that was manufactured in China, and sold here for $3500 (retail). Cost to the importer? $90. Cost to ship it via container ship? $40. Probably sold to the retailer for $1000. That is quite a nice profit, eh ($870 per unit)? China's leadership sold-out their own people, and despite all of our yada-yada about fighting communism for so many decades, we ended up being the buyers.

Oh, it makes me so mad.

It sounds pretty risky in the US then, depending on what the police department's agenda is.

Have any of the police who see escorts been caught, and put in the papers?
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