Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The risks that clients who see escorts take, and getting caught in the act

Last year I went on an Outcall, and the client's children and nanny were asleep in the house. I was not aware of this, until I got there. At various points the cat came into the bedroom.

Why would anyone want to take this risk?

If the kids woke up what would my client have said to them?

It is one thing to go to a client's house, and the wife and kids are out of town. This is usually the case when I go on Outcalls to client's homes; but to have the kids at home is very risky. Some clients take discretion seriously, but clearly others do not give a damn.

An escort friend had an early outcall on a Sunday morning. The wife and kids were at church. Surprise, surprise, wifey came home early. Fortunately for my friend, the client had huge grounds, a back entrance, and cottages for the staff. She ran out the back, in her bra and thongs to the waiting cab.

Another escort friend, went on an outcall, the client's wife was out for the evening. He told my friend that his wife was having an affair, and he knew about it. He was unhappy about the situation, and was booking my friend for revenge. He had children asleep, upstairs too. My friend saw no harm in this. She feels he was lonely and unhappy, and she filled a small gap in his void.

I read Mercurial girl's post a few days ago, and she got caught in the act. My heart goes out to Kim.Thank god it did not get ugly. The story is different, but the issues are similar.

Most men want to keep their relationships intact, but taking risks like this is bound to rock the boat?

What do you think?

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Those men are jackasses. Get an incall girl, or get a hotel.

Everyone has to keep the two worlds seperate.
I take up good internet deals and so I almost use different local hotels every time. So I fantasize about bringing someone home to spend some romantic time in my own place, my own bed and my own sheets, to make some memories.

I had to smuggle them home so my neighbors can't see, ask questions and talk about it. So I have to know the girls quite well. They have to leave their car somewhere and remain low profile in my back seat. It's also too risky to invite someone that I don't know.

I had rare opportunities to invite a total of 3 girls to my home. One is very nervous as I haven't seen her for a year; she retired. I contacted her via email and lured her out of retirement. It was a disappointment.

I had a memorable time with the 2nd one. She invited me back to her brand new town house with a large jacuzzi. All the clean up worth it - washing and drying of bedsheets, vacuuming the bedroom, sofa, and clearing the bathtub of any hair residue.

Chanel turned me down flatly, too far she complained. And at the time she didn't trust me enough to leave her car. She rather meet in the middle in a hotel as always. I kept inviting her later, with escape route planned. But she's more afraid of getting caught than me.
I've never really understood married men who regularly see escorts. I've not been married, but I've had a number of long-term relationships and it never occurred to me to cheat on any of them. I take the view that if you are seriously tempted to cheat then your relationship has failed and you should do something positive about it and separate. I understand people stay together because of finances or children, but I think those are bad reasons. The best thing my parents ever did for themselves and the rest of the family was to divorce when they started to bicker all the time. The guys who try to get revenge on their wife by having escorts over while the kids are asleep and the wife is out are just pathetic, is that really the best they can do to make themselves feel happy?
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