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Happiness, luxuries,necessities and exclusivity

I had a good break, and was able to do what I wanted, which makes a change. I had to tell a number of porkies, to avoid the usual suspects. These things need to be done. I managed to put my feet up, eat heaps and watch loads of movies. Christmas is the only time of year, that I do not worry about what I eat.

A girl has to have a break at some point, right?

I managed to catch up on some reading too, and came across an article on happiness, which got me thinking.

The things you never knew you wanted

Capitalism, it notes, is adept at turning luxuries into necessities-bringing to the masses what the elites have always enjoyed. But the flip side of this genius is that people come to take for granted things they once coveted from afar. Frills they never thought they could have become essentials that they cannot do without. People are stuck on a treadmill: as they achieve a better standard of living, they become inured to its pleasures.

Capitalism's ability to take things downmarket also has its limits. Many of the things people prize-such as the top jobs, the best education, or an exclusive home address- are luxuries by necessity. An elite schooling, for example ceases to be so if it is provided to everyone. These "positional goods", as they are called, are in fixed supply: you can enjoy them only if others do not. The amount of money and effort required to grab them depends on how much your rivals are putting in.

The joys of niche capitalism

Ossified societies guard positional goods more, not less jealously. A flourishing economy, on the other hand creates what biologists call a "tangled bank" of niches with no clear hierarchy between them. Tyler Cowen of George Mason University points out that America has more than 3,000 halls of fame, honouring everyone from rock stars,and sportsmen to dog mushers,pickle-packers and accountants. In such a society, everyone can hope to come top of his particular monkey troop, even as the people he looks down on count themselves top of a subtly different troop.

Here is the full article Happiness and (how to measure it)

I was catching up on some reading on one of the messageboards yesterday, and came across a thread that raised some of the issues in this article. An escort, who is considered a celebrity on the board had raised her rates to 750 an hour. It turns out that she does not do hourly appointments, but had reduced her minimum time, while she was in London, and hiked her rates. You can imagine the debate that followed. This escort looks fabulous, and has something that makes most men who see her, fall head over heels in love with her. Any mention of her name on the board, causes a lot of commotion, and leads to threads being closed.

Different points were raised by members who had seen her. Some would see her again, some felt her current rates were out of proportion. The agency stated the hike in rates was because she wanted to reduce her volume of clients. There was some acknowledgement that her rates would be pocket change for some members.

Something on the thread that interested me, was a point from a member who I tend not to always agree with, but he has been around for a long time, and books women from every sector of the market. Women in brothels and £750+ escorts.

His point was that this escort is not exclusive.

Exclusive escorts do not advertise through public websites making themselves available to virtually anybody who can stump up the cash. Many people can afford her rates and have done so over these last few years, quite obviously. You only have to read her numerous reviews. The fact that they are publicly available to so many others selects against that. His idea of exclusive, rare and unique is not a lady who two nights ago was probably banging the guy who cuts his hair.

His view was that if a lady has a good reputation it is followed by rates that are massively loaded, and we need to recognise that there is a degree of hype that drives her rates.Rather than her just being a one in a ten thousand exclusive courtesan unlike most others. The whole web escort scene is affected by hype to an extent, where the ordinary become the special.

I think the man has a point.

The escort in question has more than 52 reviews, can she still be exclusive?

She will see anyone technically who can afford her rates.

The beginning of the year is usually the time, when rates go up. Someone had mentioned that there is a two part value system. Anything above £300 an hour used to be about providing a different type of experience. Apparently this is debatable now.

There are numerous women who charge £300 an hour at the moment, unlike before. As these women like and need to market themselves as exclusive, quality, companions, I believe they may need to review their rates, to remain at the top of their monkey troop.

We cannot have the exclusive set in there with the rag tags, can we?

What is your idea of exclusive?

Here are some dictionary definitions of exclusive from

6. charging comparatively high prices; expensive: exclusive shops.
7. noting that in which no others have a share: exclusive information.
10. admitting only members of a socially restricted or very carefully selected group: an exclusive club.

It is a bit like the Louis Vuitton bag that is everywhere, so not exclusive.

So do you believe that seeing an escort,companion,courtesan is a necessity or luxury?

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Elasticity of demand is the name of the game, but you have to wonder if all of the reviews are genuine. If 1% of men write reviews, generating 50 reviews takes some serious fucking.

Of course there are a few women who are instantly loveable. This woman is not my type, but what man could resist Melanie Slade, the girlfriend of England soccer player Theo Walcott--link to picture below.
And which message board? I would like to poll my blog readers--both of them!--on how much they would pay for one hour of exlusive rights to this lady and her charms.
Hi James,

I hope you had a good xmas?

Yes, I think in this case a lot of people cannot resist writing about their time, with this beautiful women. In fairness to her, she has been around a number of years. I expected more reviews.

James, what would you pay for exclusive rights?

When you do your whoremongering in the DR are the chicas, a luxury or necessity?
Nia, thanks for your reply. The highlight of my Christmas has been reading your blog. From that point on it was all downhill, though I did have a text message from my novia, which said "Feliz navidad te decean tu familia dominicana. Te queremos mucho." (Your Dominican family says Happy Xmas. We love you very much.)

What would I pay for exclusive rights? With whom and for how long? Right now I don't feel inclined to pay anyone anything.

Quite honestly my days of whoremongering are in decline, so I would say that chicas are a luxury, not a necessity. However, in the Dominican Republic, if I have to put a dollar value on companionship, I would pay approximately the following (all prices in US dollars):

1-hour massage without sex $20.
1-hour massage 2 girsl $30.
Massage with blow job $40
1-hour sex $50
All night sex $90

I would also provide drinks, meals, toothpaste etc. where applicable. The rates for overnight might sound low, but it might start at 1:00 a.m. or 2:00 a.m. and the girl would get some benefit from sleeping in an airconditioned room free of mosquitos, access to a bathroom with hot water, shower, etc., which she probably does not have at home, breakfast etc.

For 750 pounds (sorry keyboard does not have pound sign) I would probably have a hotel and all my meals for three days, sex with three girls each day, massages, threesomes, and still have change.

The highlight of your christmas was reading my blog, LMAO!!!!

I did not realise that things were so dire.

You poor thing, how can we help you get back to the DR, where you are in your element?

It sounds like you have had enough of mucho chicas then?

Thank you for the DR rates :)

Well, well, well!

Yes, as I am sure you are well aware, your business depends heavily on us men suffering from the delusion that sex is a necessity.

When people fall in love, it is nearly always because they find a new partner after a period of sexual drought, and when they discover that they share much in common with the new partner, as in "we both like sex, watching TV, eating lobster, and taking walks on the beach, so we are made for each other" then they are goners, at least until the euphoria wears off.

When you have had all the sex that you ever needed, and have someone you love, then spending money for sex is less tempting.

Very likely when I go to the DR in three weeks time--if I can survive so long--I will run into my masagista #1 and #2, and they will probably want to tempt me into a sexual encounter, and I will probably be unable to resist, partly because I am strongly attracted to them and a hard dick knows no bounds, and partly because I know that if I refuse I will have to see the disappointment in their eyes, not that they are in love with me, but that they desperately need the money. On my last trip I actually avoided walking on the street where masagista #2 works so that I would not have to be tempted.

Anyone who thinks whoremongers have an easy life needs to think again!
Exclusive means: Men who would book her, but can't, because of her high rates. If certain men are being excluded....that is exclusivity. Simple

Yes, I hear what you are saying. It does help if some of the clients feel it is a necessity, I have to admit,lol.

I hear what you are saying about getting all the sex you ever needed. I have felt that way too, believe it or not.

Should I send all the women that I know, desperately need the money your way? Bless you.

I did not for a minute think that whoremongers have an easy life.

I think the positive part of this, if there is one, is you are self aware,know your limitations and you help the DR economy.

You do not come across as a man in denial, like a number of people I know.
Perception is everything. If 750 gives the client (or provider for that matter) the sense that he or she is one of few, then the rate has served its purpose.

The escort in question has more than 52 reviews, can she still be exclusive?

Exclusivity is a state of mind. Just because she has 50 reviews "then" doesn't necessarily mean that her work rate will be the same "now".

As to whether her rates (or anyone's) are out of proportion...that's entirely a market-based supply and demand situation. If she's working as much as she wants to and has enough clients to provide her with the income she desires, then it's not out of proportion.
Hi Moan,

Thank you for your comments. Perception is a wonderful thing.

I take your point about how the work rate changes. However, I wonder how many clients are able to see it in that way.

Multiple reviews do give a certain message to some people, from what I have picked up on messageboards.It goes back to perception again.

I know of a lady in my home city who has over 100 reviews on the major boards in the USA (in just 3 years of being in biz). But I'd still consider her "exclusive" as she charges a rather high amount compared to the local average. She has confided to me that she has actually priced herself completely out of the local market (for the most part) but instead, earns the bulk of her earnings by traveling to San Francisco and seeing mostly wealthy individuals. The locals here all think that she's simply super-excusive. She is (to them), but she's just an "above average" girl in the city where she earns most of her money. She earns over $10,000 per week (US) when she does work.

You cannot win. An escort who has no reviews is regarded as suspect.

Someone who has multiple reviews, can be regarded as conveyor belt by some.

It is an ongoing discussion on the messageboards.
Reviews are lovely if they are written in a none sexual manner.
But that depends on the lady. I for one do not allow reviews. There are two reviews on a european board but they are none sexual and more of an endorsement.

Regarding rates: supply and demand. Some girls court one suitor monthly, others two suitors annually. Some prefer the hourly meetings. Lets not compare, shall we? Happy holidays!!!
Hi Kathleen,

Thank you for your comments.

I will do a post on comparisons this week.

Happy Holidays!
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