Sunday, December 17, 2006

Severing relationships

I saw Jacques a few days ago.

I have decided not to see him again. He has a way of making me feel flustered before I get there, the constant phone calls asking where I am.I know it is the coke, but it is still annoying.

I got there, and he extended our time, which is the norm. I think he gets paranoid, if he is left alone when he is on drugs.

He had paid me upfront, but then wanted to call his dealer, and realised that he did not have enough cash on him. He asked me for some money back, and would get some more later.

You know where this is going. This guy is not short of cash. I know where he works, and he is a major player in his field.When I read about him in the papers, and how well he is doing in his field, I smile. However, he has issues. He begged and begged,in his usual style and said he would get some more cash, so I gave him back some of the money.

I know, I know, why would I take that risk when he was so high?

I have been seeing him for over a year, several times a month, and this has never happpened.

When my time was up, he gave me his ATM card, with his pin number and told me to go and withdraw the money, and come back and give him the card.

I was not comfortable doing this, and told him to get the money, which he would not do.

If I had taken his card and withdrawn the money,how was I to know that he would have any recollection of the events, when he woke up the next day?

So, I left, and have decided I will not see him again. He is not worth the hassle.

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Good decision, Nia. We have our protocols for good reason, and this fellow obviously doesn't feel compelled to follow the same rules that the rest of us must live by.

Just curious here... do you have a special "ladies forum" there? A private board just for providers to exchange this sort of information about troublesome clients? We have this in Seattle, and it has become a valuable resource for the entire community.
Hi Scarface,

There are several escort only forums here.

The problem is that the information is not centralised.I do not have the time to always look on several boards.

The other issue, which a friend of mine experienced, is some escorts contacting the individual that has been reported. They will tell him who has made the report, putting the escort in danger.

I know a number of people who do not use the boards now, who are wary. They share this information with a select few.
That sounds really scary ...

... but a client who is paying so well?

It is so hard to make such decisions. I am sure that there are many in your situation who would be less clear headed about these issues and what to do.

There are so many complications and serious dangers here.

And we men think it is just about lying on your back and counting the money ....

You are right, if it was all about the money, I would still see him.
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