Saturday, December 16, 2006

Controllable Laughter Managing Sex Work Through Humour

Humour plays a large part in my life. Most of my friends are people who really make me laugh. It seems that I have people close to me who are funny, or have the ability to laugh at life.

I tend to get on well with clients who have a sense of humour, and it tends to make a difference to the meeting, for me.

One of the reasons why I get on well with Jo, is because she makes me laugh. She does not intend to, but rarely do I have a conversation with her without laughing.

Teela sanders has sent me another interesting article, on humour.Thank you Teela,for allowing my readers to have access to these articles, as I am aware they are not available to the public.

She analyses the nature and prevalence of humour as a coping strategy in the sex industry.

Uncontrollable Laughter Managing Sex Work Through Humour by Teela Sanders

Does humour make a difference to you as an escort or client?

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Sorry my comment on this is so late.

Teela's article is interesting and erudite as usual. It also cleverly brings in the notion of humour as a response to threat and trauma as being part of the armoury of sex workers to survive such work.

There may be some truth in this - I suspect there is.

However there is a danger of making too much of it.

I wonder if Teela has ever worked in a factory with a majority of working class women where men are in a minority?

I think there too she would find some similar examples of humour and swearing and reflections on men's sexual prowess.

There is a real class element to this. I know on occasions in the past where I have worked on the shop floor in factories or building sites with predominantly male workers that again the humour was very rough and ready with more swearing in one sentence than one might normally hear in polite society in a decade.

Part of what she has discovered is white, female, working class culture.
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