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Cold calling is this how it works these days

The third series of Desperate Housewives starts today. I have to confess that I am one of many women who mourned the end of, Sex and the City and use Desperate Housewives as a substitute.

The critics say that the writers are struggling in the third series. Something to look forward to on Wednesday evenings.For those of you who may judge me for my choice of entertainment, a girl has to have some way of switching off.

I got a call from someone over the weekend who claimed he got my number from his colleague. He said that he ran an agency, and they were overbooked. He wanted to know whether I would have been available for an Incall yesterday.He asked whether I was interested, and my response was no. End of conversation.

I listened to his spiel, and at no point did he tell me who he was, or who had given him my number. This sort of thing is not an option for me. I tend to err on the side of caution.

I wonder how many women would have taken him up on his offer?

I had a similar call last year, but this was a woman who claimed to be recruiting escorts and models. She added that when Music celebrities were in town, she needed escorts. I was not interested in this either.

She was frustrated by my response, and wondered why she had a similar response from all the escorts she had called. I told her that in this industry, you need to be careful, and she could be a scammer.

Are times changing?

I assumed that Agencies, waited for women to approach them.

Has the Escort agency recruiting strategy changed, to calling anyone who has an internet presence, checking whether they want any extra work?

Or is this a new Scam?

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Nia, you need to change your handle. Every time I see the words 'dark' and 'lovely' juxtaposed I start thinking about loveliness and darkness, and the next thing you know...well, I'm not getting any work done.

If I was thinking of setting up an escort business--let's say, for example, that I had some contacts in the music promotion business who were looking to set up entertainment for strolling minstrels--then where would I find pulchritudinous young ladies with the right attitude? I might advertise, and then I might try to market proactively. Maybe I would do both. A discreet personal in The Times, maybe, along the lines, of "Bounty for Booty. Wanna fuck Mick Jagger? (Everyone else has). Fresh young society virgins and colonial imports needed for unreheared performances. Good personal hygiene imperative."

LMAO! Moi, change my handle, I am so sorry it is having an impact on you. Count the days, you will be in the DR in no time.

Thank you for pointing what strategies you may use if you were setting up an agency,LMAO.
I've had a few calls and e-mails from agencies trying to get more girls in. Before the Internet took off for escort advertising I worked for such agencies. Now, I can't imagine ever going back. Thanks to the Internet it's so much easier to be independent and keep all my money. The agencies must be feeling the effects nowadays as young ladies are going to the Internet and completely bypassing them. No wonder they sometimes call or e-mail pretending to be offering you more business--in fact, they'll just take half your money.

Thank you for stopping by. I agree with you, they have to be feeling the effects if they are legit.

I was surprised, because I have not had those calls before.
Commercial fisherman use the technique called "long lining" where they cast a line that is many many miles long, with many baited hooks. They catch many fish this way.

Same probably goes for people wishing to piggyback off this profession's momentum. There is a lot of sex trading hands in exchange for money.
To address the last part of your post:

On the one hand, if I ran an agency (I don't) and were to try and recruit someone, I'd certainly inform them of who I was and what agency I represented so that bona fides could be checked out like anyone else (for security on both sides). At that point you have a basis for a commercial relationship that might benefit both parties, whether it be full time work or something more catch as catch can. It's extremely troubling that a proper exchange of information didn't happen and really that can only mean that whatever or whoever it was, it was likely some sort of play or scam, hopeless amatures (or worse).

On the other hand, you're obviously an intelligent woman who knows where her head is at with a popular blog on the subject to boot. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to see that this could enhance your available opportunities AND anyone who could convince you to associate with them. This would make you a prime candidate for recruitment from an agency point of view if agencies were to think about recruiting and wanted to go about it in a more or less honorable way.

Agencies aren't necessarily like any other business but there must be some out there that are always looking to upgrade the talent and bring in clients as well using your now public persona as an enticement.

That's commerce after all and a natural way to attempt to enhance their own business. Does the escort business really work that way? History says no, not really but times are changing and the entrepeneur spirit will not always be the exclusive provenance of the independent service provider.

Best to you


Thank you for the fishing analogy.


I had not looked at it that way. Thanks for your comments.
had a call from an extremely well spoken man last year telling me he had no internet access but ran an agency for celebs in London. He had a very high profile client staying in Harrogate and needed a lady for that client.

He had no contacts in the North at all, and someone had passed on my details to him.

He asked me to call the client and I did, but was sceptical about it. The client sounded rather vague and I left the ball in their court. This agency guy text-ed me several times, but by now I was uncomfortable thinking I was being hoaxed.

If these people stood on the other side of the fence, they would realise there is no safety cushion for us at all, and they actually exacerbate the situation, but I doubt they care since we are merely a commodity

Thank you for stopping by. I would have been skeptical if I were you too.
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