Friday, December 29, 2006

Reflecting on the highs and lows of 2007

I cannot believe that the year has come to an end. The year has not been fantastic, but I have had years that I would not like to repeat, and this is not one of them.

The Highs

I was approached by someone who is a leader in my field, to do some joint work next year. I cannot believe that he would even consider me to work alongside him; and am very anxious about how things will pan out.

I was asked by five individuals to act as a mentor/coach for them,in their work, which was great. It has been challenging, but rewarding.

I met Jo in February, for the first time, and we saw each other every day she was in London. We then met again, and were able to catch up when I went to Leeds in the summer. I wish she lived in London, as I value her friendship.

I am grateful that I was able to fly home for my mother's big birthday, taking her away and planning her surprise party. Watching the tears in her eyes, and laughter as everyone came out singing and dancing was unforgettable.

I am amazed at how many people read my blog, and that I have a loyal group of readers that return daily. Discovering that some bloggers added me to their sidebars, and linking to some of my posts without me requesting it, is very flattering. Thank you, you all know who you are.

The Lows

Changing my dentist, and receiving an astronomical bill for all the work that he did.

Losing some work from one of the organisation's I work with, and having to face a drop in income.

Doing some joint work with a colleague, who I had doubts about, who turned out to be bonkers, and trying to prevent the whole thing being a disaster.

Trying to work out some issues with someone who I manage, who was challenging. The organisation recognised that her behaviour was unacceptable, and she was eventually moved to another team. A stressful year, having to deal with her antics, but I now have her off my back.

Having my knickers stolen by a client earlier this year, which was part of a favourite La Perla set.

Finding out that my colleague has Cancer, a year to live, and hearing how traumatic it was for her telling her children.

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Big thanks to all my readers.

Big thanks to

Alice W





James B, who I need to take on for my marketing, your cheque is in the post James


Latin siren

Mercurial girl

The Petulant pooner

Thank you all for your support while I have been on the blogosphere.

I need to do some serious decluttering over the next few days, so my next post will not be until January 2nd.

Wishing you all good things for 2007, and all that you wish for.

Stay blessed,from a lapsed Catholic!

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Happy new year!
And you don't have to worry about catholicism. It's a faith that already assumes that humans are fallible.
Happy New Year G!
Happy NY Nia. May it be lovely and dark for you.

Enjoyed reading your comments on that Humanist blog at:

Considering her views, it is good of her to post a link to your blog, though I apologize for dragging you into something unawares.

It is interesting how the sad deaths of the Ipswich Five have brought numerous experts on prostitution out of the woodwork. Now every journo and blogger on the planet has a final solution for your and your ilk. Probably we need Kyoto targets to get you cleaned up.

I should not make fun, because I do believe Margaret is a good person who has her heart in the right place, but I somehow question her assertion that she can imagine being a prostitute.

I was a bit naughty in pointing out that her son had been recently in Cambodia, and of course he took umbrage, but I was a bit inept in the way I did it, because he had recently published an article on his blog called "Why Is Everybody Going to Cambodia?" which did not mention the elephant in the room (the P-word), and this was the point I was trying to make.

Actually he seems like a very worthy young man, and reminds me of my younger self before I became depraved.
Happy New Year James,

Please do not worry, as you can see, I have a whole post on the subject today.
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