Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Achievable goals for 2007

I cannot believe that Saddam Hussein is dead. I watched it on the news, and had mixed feelings about his execution. I wonder whether he would have been better off stewing in a jail indefinitely. It seems that he was showing some signs of fear at the final hour, but still cocky. I hope things change for Iraq, but it seems that the killings still continue regardless. What a mess, it is so sad.

Last year, I was able to stick to most of my resolutions, which is new for me. I will try again this year.

1. Continue to go to the gym, at least three times a week ,managed that last year, but stopped going during December.

2. Watch what I eat, and continue to count the calories achieved amazing results with this, but it was such a struggle.

3. Have at least one beach holiday, on a tropical island once a year was able to do that, but not sure about this year.

4.See more of my close friends last year it was hard to meet with friends juggling everything I do, but I will try.

5. Try and get more ironing done. Had piles of ironing all over the place last year. Afraid of ironing 24/7 like Jo, who loves it.

6. Hold back from throwing crockery at Beau, when he misinterprets my posts, could not contain myself last year.

7. Try and read more. I need to do a lot of reading for my non escort related work,this fell by the wayside last year, and I read for leisure.I am a bookaholic. The problem is I need to buy less books, as my flat is overrun by books. I lend books to friends, and colleagues, and rarely get them back, and give away books that do not make an impression on me. This one may be hard to achieve.

8.Have at least one massage a month, Had six massages last year, not enough for a girl like me.

9.Try and find some more work, as I lost some work(non escort related) last year.

10. Increase some of my rates by the end of January.

11. Continue to declutter. I am a pack rat, and have no space for everything.

I wonder what I will achieve.

For those of you who are having difficulty with your resolutions, you can sign up here, Psychologist seek key to succesful new year resolutions, an experiment in the UK.

Have a great year !

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Don't worry Nia. I didn't mind too much about the flying crockery. The lumps and bruises have almost gone now and you can hardly see the small scar above my left eyebrow. In any case it was good exercise ducking and diving.

*Thinks - wonder if I can find any massage classes at night school ...*

B xx
Well - only a few hours left for number 10 I think.

You've done very well at number 6 despite my regular provocation.

How is number 8 doing?

Perhaps we'll draw a veil over number 11!

B xx

Thank you for your comments. No 10 should be sorted soon :).

I have not managed to stick to No 8 this month :(

I have done a bit of No 11.

Thank you for reminding me.
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