Monday, January 08, 2007

Too close for comfort

I did my weekly catch up on a messageboard at the weekend.

I came across a post where someone mentioned that a famous escort who he saw, told him that a client turned up at her day job, and made it obvious that he knew that she was an escort. She thought he was a shit for doing so.

The thought of this happening to me is unsettling.

I am aware that some of my clients have just as much to lose as I do. They are married, high powered professionals, who could not deal with the embarassment. If their wives found out, they would be taken to the cleaners. However, there is a group of men, who do not give a damn.

Reading that post on the messageboard, was a reminder as to why I do not give personal information to most of my clients. I have done, with some of my regulars, but they are in the minority. I know some escorts who tell all their clients their real names, and where they work, as they find it easier to deal with. Good luck to them.

Last year I had a booking with someone who works in the same field that I do, outside of this industry. If I had this information, before I saw him, I would not have taken the booking. I recognise that it is unlikely that a client would disclose his occupation to you, unless you have had lots of email contact,are on a dinner/lunch date or he feels he wants you to know.

The chances of me bumping into this man professionally are very high, and god knows what I will do, when that happens. I do not like to mix this life, with my other life, but it feels that the two may merge now. Something that I thought was impossible.

I have to confess, that I made some assumptions. I did not think that there was any possibility that men who worked in my profession could ever be clients. A classic case of having a false sense of security. Total wake up call!

*gets flame retardent coat, and runs for cover*

Have any of you been in a similar situation?

If so, when you bumped into the individual, did they breach your confidentiality?

How did you handle it?

He has no idea what I do outside of this industry, so will be shocked if and when we do meet.

Two more additions to my sidebar.

Chevalier, who is based in Texas, who writes about his encounters with escorts and the scene.

Not just another John is forty something, divorced, has seen escorts. He is in a relationship with an escort, and bares his soul in his blog.

Pay them both a visit.

Have a good week.

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There are are always going to be unhappy people in any society whether they use the services of working girls or not.
Many of my clients are dissatisfied with their current life situation. Most of them are happy when they see me, but the odd one is just a miserable human being who does not give a damn about anything or anyone.

The way I look at it, is that I am flying by the seat of my pants, meaning, I put myself here and so have to face the consequences of being exposed. However, if I thought that a client had deliberately done something bad to me, all I could do is avoid him from there on. The one thing I will never do is retire before I am ready to do so, and no-one will push me into it no matter how sad and vindictive they are
I think this is the main motivation for being a traveling girl. You can see men who mostly live outside your normal circle of contact. I often wonder why girls practice near where they grew up or currently work. Sooner or later, they will stumble upon someone within their own circle.
I had a look at Chevalier's blog and it looks interesting, but he asks for comments, but does not have commenting enabled (tried Foxfire and Explorer). If he gets this sorted out, I may put a link on my blog.

Thank you for your comments. You go girl!


I agree. If I know someone lives in my area,there is absolutely no way I will see them. Sometimes, you just never know what you will be faced with.
I did not think that there was any possibility that men who worked in my profession could ever be clients.

What kind of men did you once think were typical clients Nia?

Was it just this client who changed your mind?

What kind of men do you now think are typical clients?

What has this done to change your opinion of men?

- I assume for the worst?

Though it is okay for a woman in the same profession to be an escort?

I'm genuinely not having a go - just trying to follow the thoughts ....

Is it a sociological view you had? It just gets close to a moral view - that it is only a certain kind of man who buys sex, which is so close to the view that only a certain kind of woman sells sex.

B xxxx

Thanks for the mention. :-)

I've just recently started reading your blog, but so far run into a lot of very interesting discussions. Definitely the type of blog I wanted to add to my blogroll and encourage others to read!

Take care,

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