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Reviews becoming a science

Compartments has a comprehensive post on Escort Reviews how important are they. She raises a number of important points about whether they are helpful or hurt, and the sinister side to reviews.

What was also raised was the corruption of board owners who exploit newbies.
This happens in London, too. Word gets round fast on who to avoid.This is not necessarily information that you can pick up on escort only boards, but via escorts that you are in contact with.As Compartments points out, some clients blackmail escorts, and threaten to write negative reviews if they do not provide a discount, or certain type of service.

I agree with Compartments. It is important to remember that not all clients know that review sites exist, or even bother with them. However, they can help your business. The increasing number of women who are involved in bait and switch, makes some clients wary, and why not, as they are spending large amounts of money. So having a review, I believe gives an escort credibility.

It can become complex when escorts provide X to a chosen few, who then betray their confidence, and write about it. I read this on a messageboard on my weekly catch up, and members could not understand how this client stated that the escort had provided X. Why had they not been given the same treatment, these men were puzzled. Clearly an escort has a right to do as she pleases, with whoever she pleases. I guess the reviewer wanted to show the other members that he was the special guy.

I have a friend who was a victim of a hate campaign last year, and had a string of malicious reviews, which were all deleted. I believe that the negative publicity did not affect her business in any way. If anything, it drove more traffic to her site, her phone was still ringing off the hook, and her workload did not decrease.

Clients have told me that having a few negative reviews,is not harmful. This gives the impression that the positive reviews that you have are not fake.

There are a number of pimps, insecure escorts, and disgruntled clients out there, who make it their business to write these types of reviews. In some cases these types of reviews can kill an escort's business, if she does not have a high profile, or only relies on review sites. If she markets herself widely, it does not make a difference.

The other issue, is that escorts are reinventing themselves all the time. In fact there are a number of escorts who have multiple sites, and the clients are none the wiser. On Captain 69, there is a facility on the review form, where a client can report an escort who has a number of aliases, or who used to work under a different name.

On Punternet, if you think your reviews are malicious, you can contact Galahad who will investigate, and they will be removed. There are some individuals who have a knack of having any review that is negative removed. So the system is not foolproof.

There is the whole issue of graphic vs non graphic reviews. I have to say when I discovered that reviews existed, I was stunned and fascinated. I could not believe that clients put pen to paper after an encounter. There is a school of thought that believes that a true gentleman would not write a review. I do not feel I can censor what a client writes about me. If he chooses to review, he writes what he likes. So, I have no control about whether the content is graphic or not.

Some escorts ask clients for reviews, and some offer discounts to clients who write reviews.

Chevalier has an interesting post on the accuracy of reviews in his post on belief vs scepticism.

He has another post discussing escorts who say they do not want reviews here. He makes an interesting point about how escorts who say they do not want reviews would rather rely on word of mouth advertising. His point is that reviews are word of mouth advertising.

What I have observed recently is escorts who are high profile, and have multiple reviews, asking new clients to not review them. Similar to the issues that I raised in the happiness,luxuries and necessities post.

I believe that reviews are a necessary evil. I have picked up from messageboards and clients that without them, you could be perceived as having something to hide if you say you do not want reviews, by some clients.

I have had a number of clients who stated they would not have seen me, without them.

An escort can still get work without them, the question is how much of a difference does it make to your business when you do have them?

It is a business at the end of the day,whichever way you choose to look at it.

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For some time I never posted reviews of escort encounters as I felt they could be potentially abusive. It's a difficult enough job for escorts having sex with strangers without the client then sharing the details with all and sundry on the web.

There is a facility though on Punternet for escorts to say they wish to have no reviews.

But one day an escort I had been with hinted strongly that she would like a review. So I thought why not and wrote one. I shared it with her first to make sure I was not publishing anything she was uncomforatable with.

So then my regular escort wanted to know why I hadn't published a review of her ...

Again I checked out the review with her to make revisions before posting. So now I was an established reviewer.

One other escort gave me some strong hints that she and an escort friend who I had also seen would like reviews. I wrote the reviews - again having checked them out first - as I had had good times with them both.

Otherwise the reviews I have written have been where I have had a particularly good time or I felt that the escort had put herself out for me in some way. I always check them out first. Interestingly just two escorts have felt embarrassed by this and have not wanted to exert any influence over the report feeling that it might in some way compromise them.

I have never written any negative reports even though I have had some very negative experiences. I feel that it is a difficult job enough without being slagged off publicly and intimately for not having been at ones peak possibly when tired or emotional after a series of possibly uncaring and unthoughtful or even rough clients. If I felt threatened or had property stolen then I would probably write a negative review - but not for a meeting that had just not gone well for me.

The problem now with the reviewing system is the number of fake reports. Sometimes they are easy to pick but not always. Otherwise they have led me to some excellent encounters.

I'm shocked - but sadly not surprised - that clients have tried to exert pressure through threats of bad reviews. There should be more opportunities of exposing such clients.

I have never been offered any inducement by an escort to write a review.

B xx

Thank you for your comments.

I would never ask for a review,as I feel by doing so I am pressurising a client.

My view is a client writes a review, if he wishes, not at an escort's request.

However I recognise that we each run our businesses in different ways.

If you turned up and the escort was not the person advertised, would that prompt you to write a negative review?

I agree the clients who blackmail need to be exposed more.

I think many escorts feel uncomfortable asking for a review -- but it seems an accepted (if uncomfortable) act for most businesses to ask satisfied clients to recommend them to others. Unless it's a negative experience, I review only if the escort asks (or at least hints strongly) -- which tells me that reviews fit into her marketing plan and are welcome. (Some may prefer no reviews, or to limit the number, to avoid the perception that she's "high volume," or where/by whom they're posted.) I don't feel pressured by such a request; I can always refuse if I'd rather not. I suspect most clients feel the same way. I really believe escorts should feel more comfortable about asking for reviews.

But you know your clients better than I do. :-)

The system is such a hit and miss affair, with webmasters and parlours writing reports ad nauseum for their ladies. Can you really blame them if it's going to make money?

The problem is, they flood the systemwith their crap and make the genuine reports less believable.

People say to avoid the one - time writer. I disagree. I would say though; avoid the girl with dozens of one time writer reports !
You raise a lot of good points. You mention another reason some ladies don't like to be reviewed is that sometimes they offer something to a few, and then everybody else can't understand why she refuses with them. This is one of the main reasons I say "NO" to anybody who calls up asking me if I'm GFE or PSE or do DFK, DATY, BBBJ, acronyms etc. Message Board speak like that lets me know I'm possibly dealing with a reviewer, and he wants to know what's on "the menu" and he's got his little checklist. I prefer to go with the flow, let whatever happens just happen, and not be concerned about getting another star if I do ABC. And then have it on some review board where any guy who sees that I licked a guys asshole once or twice will think I'd do for everyone. I really believe the negatives of reviews outweigh the positives, for me anyway.
If you turned up and the escort was not the person advertised, would that prompt you to write a negative review?

I'm not at all sure Nia. I've never thought of it before. I suppose the clearly deliberate nature of the deception is such that I might write a review.

Thank you for your comments. I agree, it is an accepted act for most businesses to ask to recommend them to others.

The other side which I have read on messageboards, was that the clients feel the escort is so desperate,that she asked for a review. In some cases the reviewer had no intention of reviewing the escort, as she does not fit his review criteria, and feels he should not have been asked the question. Clearly, he decides whether he will write the review or not, as you have pointed out.

I do not want to get involved in that in any way. I leave it to my clients to do as they wish.

I hear what you are saying though.


Thank you for your comments.

I agree with you the webmasters and escorts who write their own reports, know what difference it makes to their businesses. It is a shame that the system is unable to identify some of these people. I agree, an escort with reports from only one time writers raises suspicion.


Thank you for your comments. LMAO. Have any of the guys with a checklist, gone ahead and booked you?


I just wondered, as you are sensitive to the impact a negative review can have on an escort's business. Threats and theft I feel need to be reported as you do.
But the problem with going with the flow is you charge everyone for the same amount of time? It is after all a business. Would you feel cheated out if you went to a masseur & he or she offered you only a neck massage but offered others a neck and head massage. I realise sex is different but it is part of the service industry and you are not offering love but a business service. What you should establish upfront (i.e. before any money is exchanged) is what are the basic services available to everyone (no matter how ugly they are) for the basic rate per hour.... Then no dissapointment. If you like one guy more than another then at your discretion you can give extras for free...but do not mislead that is all what punters want.
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