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Different ways of dealing with cancellation between escorts and clients

Restaurant dining isn't cheap these days. Indeed, getting change out of £40 for drinks and dinner is a pretty mean challenge in the noughties. So, this week's widely reported story that many of the nation's best eateries are insisting on credit card numbers at the time of booking and, unless given plenty of notice of cancellation, charge a hefty fee for a no-show seems outrageous. A downright rip-off, in fact.

The three-Michelin-starred Fat Duck in Bray charges £80 per person for cancellations with less than two days' notice. At the two-Michelin-starred Le Gavroche, in London, the charge is £60 per head for no-shows, with Le Pont de la Tour, The Square and Bentley's among the capital's other restaurants to be named and shamed. Surely they should be red-faced about such hard-to-swallow policies?

We all accept when we buy theatre, gig, airline or non-flexible train tickets that we forfeit the cost if we don't show up, so why should restaurants be different? In any case, those who call a restaurant at short notice with a genuine illness or catastrophe to report will often find a compassionate ear and the cancellation fee waived. Not such a nasty taste in the mouth after all.

Dinner's off but you should still brace yourself for the bill the full article by Gaby Huddart for the Guardian newspaper.

I read the article, and my instant reaction was a cancellation charge for a restaurant was harsh. However, I can now see why it is necessary.

I wondered how it would be enforced in the world of escorting. I guess it is easier to enforce, for those escorts who get paid before they have met their clients.

I had a conversation with an escort friend last year, who felt guilty as she had to cancel a new client at the last minute. Life can, and does get in the way. She was uncomfortable with having let this client down, and offered him a freebie! I could not believe my ears. I did not think the client would accept the offer, and at least pay her something. However he did take up her offer.

Now this is what I call customer service, that you cannot beat. I do not know many escorts who would do this.

Do you?

I then read that Chevalier makes it up to you for a last minute cancellation or no show by paying the full fee .

He feels that it is only right and proper. If only all clients felt the same way.Good to know that men like Chevalier exist.

I have to admit, I have not had a problem with cancellations since I started escorting. Clients that have cancelled, have done so, in an appropriate time frame.

What are your views on cancellation ?

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I have to admit, I only felt bad about "no-showing" for a few seconds when I did decide to change plans. Only because I'd been stood-up with such great regularity by females that I eventually no longer really felt the need to play the "chump". But this was long ago, before review boards (and secret ladies boards) came about to help keep everyone in line.

I think I have cancelled an appointment just once with reasonable notice because of illness.

However on numerous occasions I have had short notice cancellations from escorts - or worse them just not even being there at the arranged time with no explanation.

I was once sat in the car park as an escort I was waiting to visit was being thrown out of the hotel along with two friends! I gave them a lift home but never got my appointment!


I've never received any recompense for such cancelled appointments. I did once suggest a slightly longer appointment than I was due to pay for as recompense but got short shrift! So I never tried that idea again!

Thank you for your comments.

I understand where you are coming from. The internet has changed the way information is shared now, so everyone has to be careful.


Thank you for your comments.

Wow, escorts just not being there with no explanation. Those women clearly do not care about their reputations. Or they know you will come back, regardless?

It does not sound like you have had much luck in the cancellation department.

Escort no-shows still happen with GREAT regularity here in the USA (at least based upon what I read each week). As a matter of fact, it is virtually laughable when one sees a provider post a message expressing anger at how many no-shows she has experienced that week. She'll usually be told to thank her colleagues for setting such great examples.

As far as restaurants go, myself, knowing how difficult it is to make an independent restaurant profitable in a city such as London or New York (with rents and other costs being so high), I am not offended by such notions as cancellation penalties. I remember going on dates in Manhattan and actually being asked to "hurry it up" a bit as we sat talking enjoying our dessert. A restaurant needs a certain number of seatings in order to turn a profit. If that seat goes unfilled, they are tossing money out of the wndow.

I hate being rushed out of a restaurant. If they have several seatings, I tend to go for the last seating.
A while back I was in Sosua in a heavy shower and sheltered in a doorway, where as fate would have it a woman was also sheltering. So naturally once the downpour had eased off, we went somewhere and fucked. She is a bit chunky, and not the most beautiful, but there was something about her that I liked--she had beautiful skin--, and a couple of months later I had got loose from my girlfriend for a few hours and met up with this girl again--I'm ashamed to say I have forgotten her name. We had a really good sex session, hot and passionate the way I like it. I felt like I had been mauled by a bear.

I used to see her around quite a bit, but I was always with my girlfriend, so we just made brief eye contact, winked, etc.

Then one day I was free, but had just had sex, when I ran into her, and we made a date for about 10:00 p.m. that very night. However she did not show up at the bar in question as arranged, but another girl came up to me and said that Christina--ah, now I have remembered her name--had said she was supposed to meet me, but was unable to come due to a sick child. At least that was the story.

The replacement girl looked a bit like Christina, but smaller, slimmer , younger and prettier. (She may have been a sister or cousing).

She told me that she had heard that I was very good at oral sex, and that she had never had a guy do that to her, but she would like to find out what it was like! Her story did not quite add up, as I had no recollection of having performed oral on Christina, but clearly she had heard this story somewhere. It is a shameful fact of life that women are not always as discreet as we men, and are inclined to gossip.

I would love to tell you that this story of a missed appointment had a happy ending, but it just petered out and I ended up taking another girl home.
In some restaurants, they can fill the cancellation in no time. In others, you don't really need reservations.

I didn't remember when I canceled the last time. If you are a first time client, even if you book in advance, often you are asked to confirm an hour in advance. So cancellation cannot happen.

I totally agree that you should pay the full fee in some cases. Some touring escorts only accept advance appointments. They don't even advertise a number for same day clients to call.

There's the viscous cycle on the internet due to the reviews to some extend. If you get a good review the phone keeps ringing. You have to take full advantage before you fall out of favor shortly.

Escorts who do not have representative pictures tend to double book, to compensate the lost of clients who say no at the door.

Some even say yes to every body and see if who can get through the phone when they arrive.

So many guys book a few to make sure they get one.

I am not sure what happenened with you. It sounds like she did send a replacement.


I was not aware that the double booking,was because of fake or out of date pictures. You live and learn.
Regarding double bookings - I wonder if that is what has happened to me a few times.

I know it was the case on one occasion many years ago. When I finally did get to meet this particular escort she told me that on the previous occasion there had been at least two potential clients (myself one of them) phoning her from the same car park, just down the road from her flat, at the same time.

I hope the other guy was more lucky!

B x
I average being no-showed by an escort about twice a year -- not bad at all, considering how often I play. But then reliability and professionalism are part of the criteria when I decide whom to see.

I think we'd be better off if we could just figure out some way to take the escorts who no-show (or last minute cancel) frequently and the clients who no-show frequently . . . and make them schedule ONLY with each other. :-)

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