Friday, January 26, 2007

First impressions

I met a new client who freaked me out. It was not anything that he did. It was the way he looked. As I opened the door, he fit my image of what a proper thug would look like. I panicked and thought he would be aggressive.

I do not care what people look like, but in this instance, I have to say I was worried.

He turned out to be a rough diamond, who had a basket of tricks up his sleeve. It just goes to show you cannot judge some people by how they look.

What would you do?

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When I saw my very first client, he was fat and middle-aged, not good looking. I freaked, but he had already seen me and called out my name, so there was no going back. He turned out to be one of the nicest clients I have ever had. It was a two hour session and very horny. He did things to me no-one had ever done before... this very ordinary looking man..... Someone's husband/father away from home and looking for company and affection, and willing to give it too.

I learned from the very start never to judge anyone by their looks and it has paid dividends.

The guys who look like thugs usually make the best lovers in my experience !!...LOL
I found out that I performed better when the girl's face was further from beautiful, but less than scary. (Body is a different thing.) There's no distraction, no time wasted on appreciation, all physical, all primal. That's the reason I sometimes don't turn the girl away when her appearance didn't meet my expectations.
Somebody aptly fitting your description turned out to be the most dangerous man I've ever met: he took my heart and I still can't get it back... ;-)

Thank you for your comments.

You are right,lol. I enjoyed myself with this client, in a way that I never expected.


Thank you for your comments. Interesting that your performance was better, with someone who was not stunning.


Thank you for your comments.It just goes to show, that you never know what can happen.
It is interesting how a call girl can go to another country and pretend to the 'clents' family that she is true blue !! I think Michelle Howe has lots of evidence against her here in Australia so she needs to watch her back... my evidence is in black and white ink and the cards and letters she sent to me.
Duped Relative,

Thank you for your comments.
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