Monday, January 29, 2007

Information on the internet is accessible by everyone, do you understand the risks?

Once I put my professional site out on the internet, I learned a number of lessons.

1. Some shameless escorts stole chunks of text from my site, and passed it off as their own. Yes, imitation is a form of flattery, but I did not like it.I know who they all are, as one of my clients brought this to my attention.

2. I found that sites that I had not approached, had linked to me, which again I did not like.I contacted them, and some removed my details after a series of emails.

3. My photos were being used on sites again, that I did not want to be associated with.

It is a jungle out there, and I learned that to expect anyone to behave in an ethical manner was unrealistic. The internet cannot be regulated. A tough lesson to learn.

I came across this article last week, that outlines how anyone can access your photos,and link it your identity.

Granted, a search engine that recognises faces could make managing images and searching for them a lot easier. Instead of tagging photos, you could simply use one photo of yourself, or whoever, to find all the others. But the problem is, so can anybody else. Just as it didn't take long for people to become worried about "being Googled", if image search engines take off we might have to be a lot more cautious about the photos we share online. By syncing photos of us with whatever other personal information we've left lying around online, who knows just how detailed a personal profile could become?

Jonathan Bamford of the Information Commissioner's Office, the independent body that both promotes access to official information and campaigns to protect personal information, believes this is a genuine concern: "New technology means the risk of constant surveillance is higher, and we need to be aware of that risk. We are concerned that we're putting together the infrastructure for a surveillance society."

"You really need to understand how valuable your personal information is. I don't think people understand that the more and more you put out there in the electronic world, the more people can potentially access that."

Quotes from Finding that face in the crowd by Ronan Fitzgerald for the Guardian newspaper.

To the men out there who do not understand why escorts blur their faces, or do not show their faces, the article should explain why.

Have a good week.

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Until there is some form of protective legislation all of the working girl websites are fair game. Let's face it we are all selling the same thing, so ultimately there are only going to be x number of ways of plying our trade.

Some girls are more eloquent than others, and some are so much in yer face, it is almost laughable, but the message remains the same.

I have had my details copied by girls, my website has been used as a template for others and my details are on sites I never even knew about, let alone gave my permission to ...........

So what can I do about it? Jack shit it what I can do.

I remain unaffected, and do not let it worry me.

Other things however do affect me. Other more serious and far reaching issues related to the passing on of information as a result of my being in this industry.
I am sure we all have the same problem with spam getting through the filter into the in-box and vice versa so I am always careful about what I read and delete.

On Saturday I received what I thought was a legitimate email. I opened it and was momentarily distracted by someone asking a question, and returned to my screen and opened up the link. What I saw will affect me for the rest of my life and made me question why the hell I do what I do. If my occupation assists these people then I need putting down. The images will stay with me for the rest of my life now. The revulsion I felt was indescribable and brought home to me one of society's problems which is not going to go away. The Internet has a lot to answer for, and there needs to be something to stop the dam from bursting.

Thank you for your comments.

Yes, protective legislation. I wait for that day. We will probably have retired by then.

The email that you mention in your last paragraph, sounds disturbing. I am sorry that you were exposed to it.
Something different here. Base on incomplete body, maybe a little face outline, or maybe a little hair style, I think I can find a girl I know well. For all the girls in LA, mostly advertise in one or two websites, I can narrow down to a few. Given more info like Dark and Lovely, it's easy to narrow down to one. So it's not easy to hide from a stalker.

Thanks for your comments. I wonder how many people know how easy it is.
Might I link to you, Dark and Lovely Nia? I have just found your fascinating blog and am reading your archives tonight! I think you are referring to directory/advert sites that were linking to you without permission, but I wouldn't want to offend so I just thought I'd check before I links to you.

How to stop people copying your web content a very interesting topic and I actually asked a lawyer about this quite recently - not because someone had poached my content, but just because I was curious. At the end of the day, all you can do is email someone and tell them to take it down, but they'll probably just 'lightly edit' it instead. If they refuse outright to take down your content, you can contact their ISP and try and get the site taken down on the grounds that the site hads infringed your intellectual property rights but it's probably not worth the aggro.

Livvy xxx

Thank you for stopping by. Yes you may link to me.

It is the cheek of it. The energy involved in emailing several times, and then you have no guarantee your content will be removed.

Then before you know it, you find other sites that have done the same.

As a guy, I have to admit I'm usually blown away when I see a girl publishing her full face on an ad or a escort website. Why? There are a LOT of horny men in the world. Some of them live right next door to you. My belief is that if you do post your face, you WILL be recognized. the world is that small a place

I assume the escorts who show their faces, do not give a damn.
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