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Why do Bloggers stop blogging?

I have just finished reading Six Years of Grace: Caregiving Episodes with My Mother

I would recommend it, and it will be added to my list of favourite books. Jennifer Sokol left a Carmelite monastery in Seattle, to take care of her mother after she had a stroke. Jennifer explores her relationship with her mother in her final days. It is inspirational, moving,amazing and sad; reading what she went through.

Her ability to be there for her mother round the clock is, remarkable. The moments that they share are, touching.Jennifer is able to draw on her faith, during the difficult times, and what is present between them feels sacred.

This was a tearjerker book for me, but it also had some funny parts. It was scary reading it, as my mother is over 65, and I could not imagine her being in the same situation. Jennifer's love for her mother grew stronger day by day, which is how I feel about my mother.

Glengarry Leads

I had expressed my sadness at the possibility of Glengarry Leads stopping blogging here.

I discovered yesterday that Glengarry has decided to stop blogging altogether. He feels he has no more to say. I enjoyed his blog, and he was one of my favourite reads. I have only been a part of the blogosphere for three months, but within that time I have formed relationships with some bloggers.

It feels weird, but I do feel a sense of community with some people. This is my first experience of losing a fellow blogger on the blogosphere, and I am sad. Glengarry had a lot to say, I believe. I respect his decision to stop.

I imagine that bloggers stop blogging for a variety of reasons. Most of us blog in our spare time, and if that time is no longer available, then you cannot blog.

I imagine that if bloggers are harassed by snoops, that can be another reason to stop blogging. I hope that Glengarry has not had to stop blogging because of harassment from readers.

Here is an article on stopping blogging by Giles Turnbull.

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When I took down the first Beau blog I was amazed at how many emails I got. People who had never wtitten to me whilst I was writing it wrote to say how upset they were, how much it meant to them and they read it every day ...

One I remember was really, really angry with the person who was the cause of me taking it down.

That blog I closed because someone I wrote about in it (anonymously of course) was upset by it. I removed a number of posts on the current Beau blog a while ago for similar reasons. I now try not to post about real people without checking it with them first.

I have another unrelated blog that I now find very hard to write. It was a therapy for me but no longer fulfills that purpose. I know though that it provides support to a lot of people and almost write it now through a sense of duty.

It may soon cease - as may the current Beau blog.

Perhaps that too has outlived it's purpose. Though I have made some very interesting online friends through writing it.

But don't worry.

After all ...

... it's only a blog!

B xx

Thank you for sharing your experiences.

I think when it becomes a sense of duty, it feels like it is a pressure.

I am not worried Beau, but sad. I enjoyed reading Glengarry's blog regularly.

It feels like coming to the end of a good book, that you do not want to end.
Some people are apparently born to blog. I had my first blog about 1997, when the Internet was new, and the word blog did not exist. It was a home page and every time you wrote an article and uploaded it, you had to write HTML code by hand, before there were HTML editors.

I hate passive entertainment, and when video games were new I was interested in them simply because you could use them to put what you wanted on a TV screen, instead of watching what was served up to you.

So when the Internet came along, I immediately thought, hey, here is an opportunity for me to publish my own magazine to the world.

This lasted for a few months, but of course I had absolutely no way of knowing if anyone ever read it, and blog style commenting was way in the future. So I quit, and only started up again when I discovered Blogger. Even so, in my opinion blogging only really became easier with the current version of blogger that allows you to customize more, embed videos etc.

Even then, I sometimes think of quitting, because even though the aim of my blog is to change lives, I feel like I have become the world's leading expert on something that no one is really interested in, like blogging enthusiastically about International Standards for Shoe Sizing or something. Probably that is why Glengarry Leads wiped his blog.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

I disagree. I think people who are going to the DR, for the scene out there, would find your blog a valuable resource. I have learned a lot about the DR from your blog.

I am sure you know how many readers return to your blog.

Unfortunately, a minority comment, but I think your blog, and Beau's blog mean something to your readers.
You are too sweet.
I probably need to explain more. Not only was I running out of things to say for myself, but I was spending more and more and more and more time becoming involved in the blogs of others. Probably too much time. I have a tendency to go a bit overboard in getting involved in the lives of others and not paying enough attention to my own life. On Monday, that caught up with me when someone close to me stumbled upon an email I forgot to delete from my email software's trash can. Written sarcastically, in jest (in the third person), an uninformed reader could easily have gone away with the impression that I secretly lived my life as a pimp or something. Thankfully, most of my waking hours for the past 9 years have been very well accounted for, so the pimp theory would not really hold much water. But it still left the issue of "why am I writing such weird shit?". So I had to fess-up that I've become a bit overly involved in reading and commenting on the blogs of others. And in that conversation I (freely) came to the personal conclusion that the amount of time I spent blogging is perhaps way too much time. That AND the fact that I really do not have that much to say anymore. Also, an astute reader of the blog has a pretty good roadmap as to who I am. They know where I lived (and when), where I grew up, where I went to college, where I frequented, where I did my summer internship, what porn star I fucked, etc. I also know that very close friends of mine have correctly recognized anonymous writings of mine in other situations away from the blog. To date, not a single person has come forth to say they knew who I was, nor has anyone harrassed me. The number of negative commenters I've gotten in 9 months, I can count on one hand. Two of them were in the past week (related to stuff on petulant pooner's blog). Considering the subject matter, I'd say that I'm quite surprised at how much positive feedback I've gotten, and most of it from females.

Like I said, you'll see me pop-in more as an analyst rather than as a primary blogger. Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed and thanks for the very kind words. Look for my comments, because they will essetially replace my blog.
"I feel like I have become the world's leading expert on something that no one is really interested in"

Bingo, James. I probably did a bad job of bringing the blog to a conclusion. If the History Channel ever does a show on prostitution in Los Angeles in the 1990's, I might have gotten called for some historical commentary. But I suspect it is a show that will never be created.

Ultimately, I think my participation in prostitution was unfortunate. Yes, I got my rocks off with some very sexy women, walked away with a ton of stories that I can only share with the wind, but at the end of it, i came out with very little gained. At least the girls can claim a mattress stuffed with hundred dollar bills. Every time I see a Mercedes S-class drive by, I see all of those stacks of 20 dollar bills I handed over in my many years of doing it. That's about what I wasted. I sure could use the money now!

Thank you for sharing your experience here.

I am sorry about what happened to you on Monday.

Amazing, that the astute reader could pick up so much identifiable information on you.

I read your whole blog, and still could not figure out where you lived. I could not even pick up what you do for a living.

I will miss your writing.
Well, Glengarry, at least you are not going to die fretting about the beautiful women you left unfucked.

I think the vast majority of men lead lives of quiet desperation--celibate lives but for their right hands lubricated with the balm of pornography--with occasional duty fucks provided by and for the wife.

At least we have exhausted the possibilities of sex enough to make space for further emotional growth. Quite honestly, I don't give a damn if I never see another pussy again. A lot of time over the last year or two I have gone with girls because I felt sorry for them, or to help out my novia's friends with a cash and semen injection, even when I have not really wanted the sex.

I will probably continue to do it a little bit just to keep my hand in, but nothing like before.

And, yes, I want my money back too. These women have exploited our weaknesses long enough. Pay back time!
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

The funny thing is that the tides seem to be turning. A lot of high school boys are recognizing that they have a lot of sexual selection power, and they are starting to use it now. Unlike the days when I was in high school.

I think I explained it badly. An email (that I wrote to someone) was written in a sarcastic manner, in the tense of me pretending to be a "big and bad" someone else. That "someone else" being a corrupt (and pimplike) board if I were the guy who runs punternet. I'd deleted the email, but forgot to empty the trash foler. Within the trash folder, that email's content was fully displayed, and the window was open on my screen. It was read by someone close to me. I had to explain to that person that I was not a board operator (or a pimp). We had a good chuckle over it, but it seriously made me look like a moron. And I was.

In the body of that email was also a link to the GGL blog. I seriously doubt the person was able to compregend the blog address, but just in know. I was like a German sub commander with a damaged ship on his hands. Do I destroy the Enigma machine, or not? So I destroyed it. It was time to destroy it anyway.

No one ever identified me. A few bloggers know in which city I live in (through IP addreses), but that is it. However, an astute observer (if he/she was a part of my actual life) would immediately see the high resolution of the dots I've placed over more than 140 posts, and connect the dots quickly. So it was time to take it down.

But I've decided to get back on the soapbox and see where it takes me.

I understand. Never forget to empty the trash,lol.
If you have something to say, and you think it may interest only one other person, then say it !

If it gives you pleasure, do it. If the pleasure ceases, then stop.

Could also be applied to punting !

Thank you for your wise advice.
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