Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Now clients and escort availability

I have had a high number of calls from clients in the past few weeks, who want to see me now.

I state clearly on my site, that I need notice most of the time. Occasionally, I can accomodate clients who call me on the off chance. What I picked up from these clients was, how irritated they were that they could not see me right away.

I wonder whether these men assume :

1. That I work from home(I do not), and am sitting there painting my nails waiting for the phone to ring.

2.That my whole day is free, and there is noone else booked, so I can always fit them in.

3. I do not have a life with other commitments.

I understand that when some men have the urge they want it now, however to assume they can be accomodated all the time, is not realistic. I think escort agencies tend to have escorts available at all times.

Maybe it is like calling the doctor, when you are ill. The receptionist tells you, that if you want an appointment you need to call two weeks in advance. I do not know that I am going to be ill in advance.

Some of my clients make advance bookings. Most of them do not live in London, and want to make sure they will see me, when they are here. My London clients who make advance bookings, have to find free time in the day that will not arouse suspicion, and so have to plan things carefully.

Chevalier has a post on his timing for appointments.

He has another post on Last Minute appointments.

Is arousal any different if you plan ahead or want it now?

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I like to plan a few days ahead - or even longer.

It makes it more special. The anticipation of what is to come ...

There have been times when I have tried to book at short notice - occasionally after having been let down by another escort and with all that "anticipation" coursing through my body ...

On such occasions if an escort has been able to fit me in at short notice I have been very grateful. However it has never been an expectation. I have expected that the shorter the notice the less likely I was to get an appointment.

Perhaps your callers were not cross with you Nia but with someone who had let them down which was why they were ringing on the off chance.

Or then again - they could have just been wankers!

B xx

Thank you for your comments.

I understand the anticipation, making it more special.

I think that works both ways :)

Would you say that most men do not plan in advance?
At my age perhaps I need the anticipation to make it work!!!

Maybe younger men with more vigour coursing through their veins might suddenly feel a strong and urgent need for an appointment!

I'm sure your anticipation of an appointment with a new client is very different though Nia!

B xx
I think most men plan their appointment times. This is a necessity for those with a spouse or a girlfriend and therefore only a limited window of time when they can see an escort. Personally, I see two escorts regularly. One of them prefers to book appointments a day or two in advance. The other doesn't keep a regular schedule and prefers not to make appointments ahead of time.

Thank you for your comments.

Yes, most of the men I see are married. How they book appointments varies.
I have to admit, I never booked a girl in advance really. I was seeking an escort because I was horny RIGHT THEN. Booking in advance made me think too much about the money I was wasting on an orgasm. I was prone to cancel.

Sometimes a gorgeous girl would convince me to book an appointment for the next day, but by then, I'd either have already found another more immediate option, or I'd have masturbated. I think the girls who "fish" the most money out of escorting are the ones who DO sit and wait for the phone to ring. A guy calls, he asks if you're free and you say "why not come over right now?" He's in the mindset, he obviously has the time to call you, and you happen to be answering the phone.

I think it all depends on how much money you wish to earn. The top earners know the element of immediacy. That might make you less reputable, or less "high-class" of a girl, but if the goal is to make serious money, then you need to capitalize on the needs of the guy who is calling. He's not contacting you because he is horny tomorrow. He is horny NOW. Setting an appointment gives him more time to find a better looking girl (in his mind).


Thanks for your comments. I think most guys are now guys.

Clearly, if an escort is available every time the phone rings, they will make money. You are right.
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