Friday, February 09, 2007

Spelling it out and expectations

I can recall a new client grilling me over the phone about my education. It was amusing as he was booking me for an hour, and wanted to know what I had studied.

Would we discuss my educational achievements for the hour?

We met for an hourly booking, and then I saw him again for a dinner date a few weeks later.

I guess the shorter booking was to gauge whether I would be appropriate for a longer date. It turns out that we had similar interests in books,films, and had worked in the same industry!

I think that some clients expect escorts to be mind readers. They have expectations that they do not make clear.

I had a conversation at the end of a booking with another client, about some personal issues. He was aware of my background,outside of escorting,and wanted some advice. so I told him what I thought.

The booking was extended. What he said was most important for him, was the conversation that we had that day. He felt that he was able to offload,and find some solutions.

I had no idea that this is what he needed, when he booked me. He did not spell it out, and would not, given his circumstances.

Everything came pouring out at the end, and I was able to offer him a space to offload.

Some men, go to escorts for this sort of experience. What they do not understand, is that we all have our strengths.

You can pick up some information via email, phone conversations, or reviews,about an escort. The rest you have to leave to chance.

If you want an escort to be a bimbo make it clear at the start. In that way you will not be disappointed if she does not fit the bill.

The problem is, when things are unsatisfying, some clients tend to believe that it is all the escort's fault. Chevalier has an excellent point here

So . . . if/when one's encounters in the hobby are unsatisfying . . . look within, not without. Something for everyone to remember -- and I'm certainly included; don't always do as well at this as I could/should.

What it takes by Chevalier.

I have had a record number of visits to my blog, from visitors in search of Faria Alam. I hope my new readers take a look at all the bloggers on my sidebar, who have some interesting tales to tell.

Have a good weekend.

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Hopefully some of those readers in search of Faria Alam will have stopped by long enough to consider Madame Nia as an alternate, though they may, of course, have been looking for an escort with a knowledge of Sanscrit, Swedish, and soccer.

Some escorts in London, it has been brought to my attention, make a great boast of the fact that they are fluent in German, a particularly useful skill for dominatrixes.

The fact is that for the discriminating gentleman of today, just knowing how to fuck does not cut the mustard. Knowing how to fuck while simultaneously discussing Weapons of Mass Destruction in Arabic and reading Medieval French poetry--that is the kind of multitasking that get the biscuit these days.
James B,

Thank you for your comments.

I think you may have a point there, with the multitasking,lol.
I can knock out a half decent victoria sandwich cake so fluently I don't even have to weight the ingredients.

Does Madame Nia think this counts as an accomplishment worth noting on my website, or should I just stick to the five languages and have done? :)

That is definitely an accomplishment, that you should note,lol.
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