Thursday, February 08, 2007

The walls have ears

I sometimes take calls from clients, when I am at work. It depends on how busy a day I have.

I leave my phone on silent while I am at work. I have my own office, so do not have to worry about a colleague listening in.

A few weeks ago, during lunch, everyone had left the building. I did not realise that one of my colleagues was on his way back into the building. I had my office window open, and was talking to one of my escort friends about the business.

I am not sure what part of my conversation my colleague may have heard. He has not approached me, and I doubt he will. There is nothing in his behaviour, that indicates that he knows something.

It is too late, if he did hear the conversation. I will just wait and see if he talks to anyone, because that is something that will cause a stir.

I have decided I will cross that bridge when I come to it. The thing is, that I doubt any of my colleagues would believe him.

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And now you can see why I had mysteriously posted a set of photos of liquor bottles on my blog way back in August 2006. My boss likely knew what I was blogging about. The photos showed that I knew something about her too. What we in America like to call a "Mexican Standoff".

Assume that he heard everything. Do not behave as if he DID hear anything, but assume he heard it all and knows all.

Thank you for your comments.

So now I need to find some dirt on him, right?

I am just blanking the whole thing out at the moment, which enables me to go to work.

Thanks for the encouragement,lol.
I think we working ladies live in a permanent state of "being found out". When something like this happens, I assume that they know I am a working girl, when really it was just a conversation between two women.

What makes you think your conversation was any more risque than that of a civilian? Some of these "normal" girls have much dirtier and far more complicated lives than us !

Thank you for your comments. You are right, what I said may not have shocked him.
I'm not saying you need to find dirt on the person. I just happened to HAVE some serious dirt on my person. I posted my photos to let that person know that we both had dirty little secrets.

I was smart enough never to say anything about our mutual knowledge to this person. Thankfully. It was a nice little mexican standoff.
zdeliberate, but random links led me to your site. It's nice to see a woman who even in the amominimity of a blog show that Escorts are more than stat's and prices, but are flesh and blood and as deserving of respect as any woman.

Go girl, and thank you for allowing a peek into a window on your life.

Thank you for your comments, and for stopping by.
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