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Decision Making

Occasionally a client will ask me when I started working.

I know this is important for some people.

Does the length of service affect the type of experience you think you will receive?

What are you looking for when you ask this question?

Young and fresh, or old, cynical and burned out.

Is it clear cut?

I wonder whether some men target newbies, as they feel they are amateur, and can take advantage of them.

Can we draw any links?

The few escorts that I have met and know ,that are successful, have been around for a number of years. However, I have read about some newbies, who are successful,too.

Does length of service influence the decision making process for you?

Similar to clients making decisions based on; how many clients escorts claim, they see a week. My view is that in most cases, you will be told what you want to hear.

Is it all about perception?

Is this one of the reasons why some escorts reinvent themselves, with multiple websites?

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We want you young and fresh. I have been one or two, who were doing it for the very first time.

One was in the US. She had not had sex for three months, and was very hot to trot. We met three times.

We think that if they are experienced, then we are just another assignment, and mean nothing special to you.

We want you to be sleeping beauties who have your best ever sexual experience with us. We do not want to compete with the ghosts of punters past.

We want to imagine that we just saw you in the supermarket, fancied you, chatted you up, and went home with you.

We want to think that the money we give you is an afterthought, a gift at our discretion.

I remember once seeing an online ad for this escort in which she said, "come and get me while I am still young and fresh", though I never did. Now she is still youngish, but I suspect the bloom is off the rose. (Her photos remind me a bit of my novia.)

However, there may be some men who want the experienced type because they are looking more for patience, not wanting to be embarrassed, not to have the focus on their sexual performance--they just want to lie back and be pleased and not have any pressure or nagging.

Why do (some) White men like Black escorts? OK, you didn't ask the question, but I will have a short at it.

#1, they are pissed off with white women, and want to try something different. If they are married to a white woman, the black escort will not remind them of the wife (until he gets to know her better and realises that all women of all races are in a conspiracy against all men of all races--but he will not figure this out on the first date).

#2, they believe Black women are more highly sexed. (As far as I am concerned the jury is out on this one. I don't really think it is so, but many white women, especially middle class ones, have sexual inhibitions and performance issues that are less apparent in black women to whom sex seems a more natural process--but I think this is more of a cultural issue than a racial one.)

#3, they have been with Black women before and as everyone knows, once you go black, you don't go back.
I preferred experienced over young/fresh.

First, at the peak performance levels, escorting is more than just the mechanics of "insert tab A in slot B." Older (well, relatively anyway) women seemed more likely to have that sensuous attitude toward sex that was conducive to MY having a better time.

Second, escorting -- if more than going through the mechanical motions -- is a difficult profession emotionally and psychologically. Many women are not cut out for it, and I preferred to avoid those escorts who dislike their job. If they really hate it, they don't last long -- or, at least, word gets around. So . . . someone who has been around for awhile is at least slightly more likely to be someone who can convince me that -- while she wouldn't see me absent the $$$ -- at least isn't disgusted by fucking strange men.

Just generalities. There were plenty of exceptions on both sides.

Of course, my preferences were not necessarily the norm. I have no idea.

James B,

Thank you for your comments.

Experienced escorts who are mature, are not short of work in London. I take your point, though.

Zsa zsa looks hot,young and fresh to me.

Your take on why some White men like Black escorts is interesting,and hilarious.

Thank you for your comments.

I do not think your experiences are outside the norm. I think the norm is changing all the time.

Most of my clients think the way you do; but then I am not in my early twenties,lol.
Zsa-Zsa's "young and fresh" ad was five years ago!

Funny story. I actually did make an appointment to see her in a hotel in Tampa. But she did not show. There was a torrential rainstorm and traffic was snarled on the bridges. I watched the first Harry Potter movie in the hotel. And waited, and waited.

A year or two later, I was talking to another lady I knew at that time and she told me that Zsa Zsa had once asked her about me for reference purposes.

Apparently Zsa Zsa told her that she thought I sounded like law enforcement on the phone, and that since she had already had two clients on the day in question, she did not want to "push her luck", so the storm provided a convenient out.

I believe she goes on frequent trips to Trini to keep herself fresh, but she has been working continuously at least since she was 20. She is one of the very, very few escorts on the Web whose pictures have got my interest. Maybe you can see why.
What am I looking for when I asked such a question?:

Conversation. I'm not kicking the tires or looking at the odometer for the mileage reading. I'm interested in knowing things about another person's life. Chit-chat.
James B,

I can see why she has caught your interest. She is gorgeous.

I can only see that the James B, who says he would never use escorts, has exceptions,lol.


Thank you for your comments. Nice to know you are not a mileage man,lol.
I think we need to see James make a visit to London and employ the use of his video camera in Nia's flat.
oyI think James is trying to say that in the beginning, when a girl is "nice and fresh" she is probably more apt to "have sex" with the man as opposed to laying back and merely tolerating the sex. A lot of girls who have been working a while come across as "battle fatigued" and seem to have that "thousand yard stare"...A girl should retire once she is no longer able to act as if she enjoys it, but the money is often so good that they tolerate their hatred for the work for literally years and years.

I would like to see the "thousand yard stare" and" battle fatigue", on video too,lol.
I would be happy to videotape and publish an encounter with Nia on my next trip to London (where I was born). I am sure that such a display of Nia's thespian abilities would prove to be a hit on YouTube.

However, I suspect that she might have some reservations about this, so I shall have to do it incognito and use News of The World recording techniques. Yes, that teddy bear with the glassy eyes is watching everything and taking notes.

Yes, Glengarry is right about looking for new talent willing to "have sex" rather than perform sexual theater.

Regarding me and escorts. About five years ago I did see a small handful of select (i.e. selected by me!) escorts, but soon decided that kind of experience was not for me. I could, of course, see Zsa-Zsa this afternoon if I wanted, but I think I would rather use her $300 hourly fee to buy a ticket to the DR, or to have an all-nighter, two quickies, and a threesome, so the opportunity cost factor rules her out of the running.

Still, she is rather lovely, and I shall always regard her as the fish that got away, and admire her from afar.
The quality of the time together is most important to me. So this usually means staying with my regulars. When I see someone new, I look for someone who has a reputation for being reliable, so this usually precludes ladies who are new to the business. One exception was an appointment I made on the spur of the moment. I tried contacting 3 providers who I knew without any luck. After striking out the third time, I came across a brand-new listing. I called her up and made an appointment with her for the next day. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of our time together. Afterwards, she told me I was her very first escorting client. I have seen her several times since.

Thank you for your comments. My understanding is that reliability is important for most clients.
So anyway, when and why did you start working? What were your first experiences like? Did you have any mentors?
"The Glengarry Leads said...

oyI think James is trying to say that in the beginning, when a girl is "nice and fresh" she is probably more apt to "have sex" with the man as opposed to laying back and merely tolerating the sex. A lot of girls who have been working a while come across as "battle fatigued" and seem to have that "thousand yard stare"...A girl should retire once she is no longer able to act as if she enjoys it, but the money is often so good that they tolerate their hatred for the work for literally years and years."

In response to the above my [considerable] experience within the sex trade those girls that relentlessly carry on and on fail to earn the good money. Clients sense and are affronted by a girl under sufference in order to earn, and vote with their feet [or lack of further bookings to be exact]
I recognized my limits, felt the need for time out and followed my instincts. As a result I always enjoyed my time working as did my clients. I firmly believe ebvery girl only has so many services in her, the number varies but we all have our cut off point which in order to stay profitable and more importantly sane we need to accept and respect

Hi Nia, cool blog and nice to see you x

Sunni T
You can get the youngest of working girls who is bored and just wants it over and done with and you the hell out of there.

You can also get completely the reverse, I do know this.

An experienced working girl is not just "one who has been around the block", but is one who has not only learned her craft but is now in the process of "fine tuning" it !

Different strokes for different folks really.

Personally I do not want to see a man who judges me by one criteria only. Let guys like that go to the younger girls every time.

I came into this industry late in need of adventure. Money was irrelevant, and not the source of hunger. I consider myself fresh because I am keen. When performing a certain service I get so into it that it becomes the focus of everything and I feel that a connection between me and my client is made. This is only as a result of practice, and not with any ghosts around !

Then again, it's all about the individual perception of what is Old?
Hi Sunni T,

Thank you for your perspective.


Thank you for your comments. It is about individual perception.
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