Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kiss my Fat Ass!

I read about this at the weekend, and admire Tyra Banks for making this statement.The fat police are on her case, and I think they need their heads examined.

The media took snipes at her in her swimsuit, and she did not retreat, and start dieting. No, Tyra has more to her than that, she stood up to them. She went on her show and confronted her critics with this Bank Statement.

The You tube clip leaves out the Kiss my Fat Ass at the end, so if you want to see the effect on her audience, view the clip on Tyra's show

You go Tyra!

You can also read Tyra and the Fat Police by Rachel Johnson of the Times and Banks bites back by Barbara Ellen of the Observer.

Fortunately my weight is not something that I lose sleep over. It is something that I have become more aware of since I started escorting.

My mother can be described as petite and is a UK size 8. I think she needs to put on weight. She was a 10 at her heaviest, and a size 6, at her smallest. She has made references to my weight throughout my life, but it has not had any effect whatsoever. She does look good, and is one of those people who could eat six meals a day, and not put on an ounce.She is blessed with a high metabolic rate. Life is so unfair!

Whenever I go home I get lots of mixed messages. That I would look great if I lost some weight, but in the same breath she tells me to eat more than I do, and wants to cook a whole range of food for me. Then I get the lecture about how important it is to be healthy, and eat properly. Then when I do lose weight, I am told that I should not lose anymore. Anyway, I take no notice of her, and as I say it has not affected me. So all those theories about parents affecting the way children think about themselves, did not work on me.

As an escort there is a lot of focus on how you look. It is constant. I believe you can get consumed by this, and start obsessing. I do not think it is healthy.

For those escorts who work all day, every day, who answer their own phones, it can be difficult. If you get a string of callers enquiring about your weight,stats, body mass index etc, it can take its toll on you. This is where I believe a recorded message comes in as very handy,to deal with the stats clients.

I know three high profile escorts in the UK, who have each had negative reviews, criticising their weight. What is sad, is that all these women have multiple reviews that are positive. However, the single negative reviews, have impacted on them. One, went on a crash diet after the review, and became ill. Another is constantly having nips and tucks, to the point where there is nothing to nip and tuck anymore.She was a top model. The third escort, has low self esteem, and cannot hold onto all the positive things that have been said about her. I think these three women look gorgeous, but sadly they feel differently about themselves.

If there are any escorts out there who are reading this, who have these issues there is something I want to say to you.

There is a market for everybody. Size zero escort,BBW or anywhere in between.

Yes, there are a number of clients who are only interested in your stats, and how much you weigh. However, some clients may also book you because of your rate, skin colour, sense of humour,personality, location, or just the fact that their mouse hit your site and bingo!

We do make money from how we look, but I do not feel it is necessary to incarcerate yourself about it.

As Tyra says, some women have died trying to be thin, and in my view it is not worth it.

You can never be everyone's cup of tea.If clients do not like it, they can vote with their feet.

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Whoa... a minefield. Our weight and self esteem.......... yo yo syndrome.

This in an industry where the punter seems to have little or no tolerance when it comes to weight/age/appearance.

I would say that if a girl has a website stating the truth she should have nothing to fear. When I say fear, I mean from the dreaded writer of field reports..lol

I have several field reports which are complimentary, and one or two which are not. You have to get this into context and work out if there is truth in the negatives or something more sinister on the part of the author.

Most women are unhappy with some part of their physical appearance, and the working girl has to contend with this and with the critical eye of some of her clients. Not easy.

Having said that, we come with a price tag attached, so there is a duty to be truthful on the website.

If I put weight on, I make sure I lose it. I have to do this for the sake of my business, and also because I do not like dishonesty.

I see so much of it with girls using photo shop and sometimes more drastic measures such as superimposing their head onto the body of someone else, and then of course - using someone else's pics .

Tyra Banks can say it, and I applaud her for striking out but unfortunately, we working girls can't. The client wants a certain model and if he has done his research and we don't fulfill his criteria of perfection, then the field report which should be a good leveller, can ruin a good career.

At the end of the day a girl has to live with herself and be happy. There is nothing wrong with a bit of vanity, but it's when the vanity turns inward and becomes the opposite that the self esteem disappears. Could go on and on here.........
I'm not sure I've ever met an escort who wasn't at least somewhat unhappy about some aspect(s) of her appearance. Maybe that applies to women in general. Guys have a lot of insecurities as well, but not as much; I assume because of socialization.

There are some escorts I'm not attracted to because of their appearance and sometimes weight is a factor in that. I may not schedule with them, but as long as accurate pictures are available to help me select whom to see, there's no need to criticize them just because they don't happen to fit my perception of "attractive."

For some reason the youtube link doesn't seem to be working. Better get a new techie!

It took me a while to find the clip on Tara's Show. The link to the video is here.

I'd kiss her fat ass - and all the rest of her - any day!

B xx
I must say it has always been a modest, but secret ambition of mine to kiss Tyra Banks' ass and worship few other parts of this goddess , so it was encouraging to find this video (you have to watch the commercial first) about how she donned a fat suit and was shocked about how people reacted to her, and about how in future she would be more considerate of fatter men. Hopefully she will now don an age suit that will make her more considerate of older men, and a poverty suit...

I must admit I had not seen her since forming my ambition some years ago after I saw her tanned body in the swimsuit edition of Sports Ilustrated and hardly recognized her at all. For one thing her hair had turned blond.

Still, she is still a very attractive woman for whom most men would die, or even pay 3000 euros for a lunch date.

The size zero model thing rebellion seems to be gathering a bit of steam. Women seem to think that the use of size zero models pressures them to try to be skinny. I don't have strong opinions on this, but it is just a general observation that skinny people tend to photograph better. So it seems that Tyra may be jumping on the bandwagon a bit here.

She, after all, has achieved fame and fortune out of people using her airbrushed, altered photos to convey images of unattainable beauty.

What is true, though, especially here in the United States, is that people do overeat to a massive degree, and that the whole of the retail food, restaurant, and advertising industries seem to be engaged in a massive conspiracy to make people eat crap and get fat. Sometimes just going to the supermarket makes me feel ill.

Which is worse, the pressure to be thin, or the pressure to be fat? In the Dominican Republic it is noticeable that there are relatively few overweight people, and this must be directly connected to the general lack of availability of candies, sweets, sodas, desserts, processed foods etc., and the fact that most people cannot afford them anyway.
Agreed with Blueslady on this:
Give out accurate info and pictures on the website, and that's it. Some people will find you beautiful, some won't - no matter how you look. Those who see a woman who isn't their type (if she advertises truthfully) and complain about it are morons.

I had issues with my weight all my life, and was bulemic for 2 years in high school. I know that at 5'3 and 126-128 lbs I am bigger than the slim, model look. But people who meet me love my body, and I have been called beautiful and even perfect.

Strangely, nothing improved my self-esteem in looks department more than escorting. My first forays into this world were at an agency/MP, and my weight was 135 lbs back then yet I did very well.

I am at peace with my self now. I've learned that there are a lot of people who love curves - toned and healthy, yes - but curves nonetheless. And despite all the beauty stereotypes, being a working girl you can and should still be yourself.
YouTube link is working fine for me. Possibly the plaintiff does not have the right plugin on his computer. If he can go to YouTube and watch videos there, then it should work fine.

Thank you for your comments.I agree, before escorts start to beat themselves up about this, they need to think about the person who is directing the criticism at them.


Thank you for your comments. I have met some women who are happy with their appearance, and think they are perfect,lol. It feels strange to be around that.


Thank you for your comments. I had no doubts about you kissing Tyra's ass,lol.

James B,

Thanks for your comments. I knew you would be kissing Tyra's ass, too,lol.

I think she is gorgeous. Yes, she has achieved fame from her airbrushed images, but she has also gone onto her show without makeup too. I think she is giving the right message to the youth, with her stance.


Thank you for your comments.What you say is true. There are lots of men who love us just the way we are. Things become complicated when escorts attempt to be things they are not.
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