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I have just finished reading Why zebras don't get ulcers by Robert Sapolsky

It is a must read, for anyone who is familiar with stress. Robert Sapolosky is a professor of Biology and Neurology at Stanford University.

The book is not a light read, but explains in detail how stress can cause a number of problems eg changes in female reproductive cycles, loss of erection, heart disease,ulcers, loss of sleep and memory. The book is accessible and entertaining.

I found of particular interest the chapters on: what your body does to adapt to an acute stressor,how different personalities respond to stress, and the links between socioeconomic status and stress.

I had a boss from hell last year, and handed in my resignation, as I was so stressed out. It was a total wake up call, when I became ill.It was frightening realising that it was stress related. My doctor told me that I was fortunate to contact him when I did, as I would have had major complications.

I try to minimize the stress in my life as much as I can,now. Ideally, I would like to be stress free.

*dream on*

Escorting can be stressful, the timewaster phonecalls, and difficult clients that an escort can encounter.

Blueslady in her comments in the Responsible Reviewing post says

When I have seen clients who have been forceful to the point of making me gag or made my eyes water, or just made me darned uncomfortable, I have used the medium of ladies warning boards to inform others.

Of course we always have the other option of bringing the booking to an early finish and therefore indicating to said client that his behaviour is unacceptable, but usually one just puts up with it and watches the clock knowing there will not be a repeat performance.

The book mentions different levels of fear alert: concern, deep dread, severe apprehension, near crippling fright, and pants-shitting terror.

I depend on my intuition, to assess clients who contact me. If I have a feeling of concern or fear at the email or phone stage, we will not meet. If I have the same feelings when we meet, I have walked out.

As Blueslady points out, sometimes an escort is concerned when she is with a client, and she has a number of options. She needs to assess what is the best thing to do for her, when this happens.

Fortunately, when I walked into a situation that could have left me in the crippling fright stage, I was able to remove myself, in minutes. This is when I went on an Outcall, and discovered more than one person there.

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There has only been one time in my life when I can truly say I felt pants shitting terror and that was when my little boy went missing.

I remember blindly rushing about, and the huge mix of emotions and the sick sick feeling in my stomach.

Please don't take this the wrong way, but no man could ever evoke those feelings in me. Probably because I do not matter where my child does.

He had toddled off to someone's house as it happens and the mother didn't have the brains to let me know. It served as a huge leson to me, and the feelings were a surprise and a shock as they were so strong.

Any client who rendered me in a state of terror would not achieve the level I felt there as it would be in my head that he lacked in moral fibre and backbone.

Thank you for your comments. I imagine I would feel the same, if I had a boy, and he went missing.
It is impossible to avoid stress in any walk of life. At times certain levels of stress can be beneficial and even exciting.

I used to have a job where I thrived on the stress. However when life became stressful at home too in the end I had a breakdown. It came as a surprise. Up untill then I had been the one who always coped.

Stress itself is not an illness - but too much can cause illness.

Now I find that almost any stressful situation can bring on my symptoms.

It is important in our busy lives to find some special times for ourselves - relaxation, massage, walks (perhaps even visitng escorts!) This can help us stay healthy.

Take care Nia and look after yourself.

B xx

Thank you for your comments.It is the stress causing illness, that I want to avoid.

Take care of yourself,too.
I would have thought that the zebras that were on the edge of the herd, and therefore in closest proximity to the lions, would have a higher incidence of ulcers than those in the center of the herd.

Since I know that my novia rates my significance in her life lower than her kids and her mother, maybe I should take it as a compliment when she treats me like a child.

Like many others I have been medically advised to reduce stress, and I find that the company of prostitutes is the best treatment by a mile. I do not do alcohol, drugs, or tobacco, but over the last three years I have spent a great deal of my time with whores, and now I am so unstressed that if I was any more laid back, I would fall over.

Thank you for your comments.

Yes, take your novia's treatment as a compliment,LMAO.

Getting ill, was scary for me, and then receiving the medical advice.

Laid back is good,lol.
Being treated like a child may be a compliment, but I don't like being slapped around when I am bad!

You get off lightly with slaps.

*runs for cover*
The three factors of stress you can always have direct control over are sleep, exercise and nutrition. Few people get enough quality in these three basic things. I think the term "stress" is used too generically these days.

People eat like shit, never exercise and then think 6 hours of sleep is wonder folks get sick all of the time.

I think if people make a concerted effort to keep these three basic things in order, it requires more extreme circumstances to really "stress" someone out to the point of breakdown.

Thanks for your comments. I cannot get enough sleep these days.
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