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Courses for Kerbcrawlers

Kerb crawlers in Ipswich could be sent on rehabilitation courses to get a glimpse of the realities of prostitution. This is in response to the Ipswich murders.

It is a different strategy,as most kerb crawlers, are named and shamed. The course has been successful in Dorset,Hampshire and Nottinghamshire.

I wait to see whether this strategy will have an effect on their behaviour.

One of the ideas being mooted following their killings in the hope of helping women off the streets is to send those caught kerb crawling on a programme known as the Change Course.

It looks at the reasons women are prostitutes and the abuse they face on the streets, as well as questioning men about their reasons for using sex workers.

The course has already had some success in Nottinghamshire, Dorset and Hampshire and Ipswich is considering adopting the programme, although discussions are said to be at a very early stage.

Quotes from Course may explain evils of prostitution by the Suffolk Evening Star.

I wonder what reasons these men will use, to explain their attendance on these courses, to their employers,friends and family.

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I don't think for one waking minute that the kind of men who want to see a street girl give a ras arse about their peronal circumstances, when interacting with them.

These men want quick gratification. They want sex and they want it now. The parlours are closed at night and they would not dream of spending more than about £20 anyway, so where else is there to go other than street?

I doubt it will make the slightest diference to their attitude, but will probably make them think twice for fear of being caught again.

At the present time Ipswich is a sensitive area, and I expect they are trying to show the general public that they are doing something about it, but like most other short term schemes it will come to an end, and the money it cost could have been put to better uses such as the removal of traffic calming devices which only serve to cause traffic congetion rather than prevent it.

Sorry for the cynicism.

In ten years time prostitution will still be at the same stage that it is now. The majority of the general public don't want to see any of it in their back yard, and those who do dare not admit to it

Thank you for your comments,lol.

I thought that the naming and shaming, where your name was put in the newspaper, frightened some men.

If we are both around in ten years, we can compare notes,lol.
I think these 'John school' type courses are typically North American in approach and that the underlying approach is the idea that we will give offenders a chance to mend their ways, but if they continue to reoffend, we will really throw the book at them, and no one can claim that we did not give them a chance. They will, of course, have to pay for the courses, which will be expensive, but by attending they will avoid a conviction.

Students can attend classes scheduled in evenings or weekends.

The truth about john schools

Personally, I think it would be a good idea to have legal prostitution along the lines of a modified Central American plan.

Certain zones in each jurisdiction would allow INDOOR prostitution--that is there would be hook-up bars or discos where women seeking clients could go to meet men looking for women. Both sexes would have to show photographic proof of age and identity to be admitted (like casinos). The zone would also permit short stay "love hotels" where you could rent a clean room with a condom. Again IDs or credit cards would have to be deposited at the check-in.

In this manner women would be substantially protected, as any time they left the bar there would be many witnesses as to whom they are with.

Health and social workers and other interested parties would easily be able to mingle in the environment, get to know the regulars, and offer medical testing, counseling, drug rehabilitation, income tax assistance, etc. to anyone who wanted it.

Other than this, there would be no regulation.

Of course, this model would not serve the married john very well, but then I am not an advocate for the married john. He can advocate for himself, or ask the wife to do it.
What amazes me is that men who pay for sex with street workers are not all ones who are too broke or too mean to pay parlour or escort prices.

There were for example a couple of instances in the news regarding the Suffolk murders of professional men who were doing this. Wasn't one a senior police officer?

I don't understand it but I imagine that there is something else that these men are finding satisfaction from in picking these poor women from the streets.

Is it the power, the contrast with their more comforatable lifestyles, a need to degrade?

I think it is more than just not being prepared to spend £20. A wank is even quicker and cheaper. I can't imagine that a fumble in the back of a car or in a back alley is any more fun. I've had some very nice wanks ...


B xx
Nia, in future, can you please correct my speling mistaks.

Embarrassed of Bluesville !

I must have read it wrong - I thought they were introducing this scheme as an alternative to naming and shaming! So, not only are they being exposed, but they are having to attend classes as well. Words fail me... I do sincerely hope we are not funding their expenses for lunch and travel !
James B,

Thank you for your comments, and the link to the John school article.

I was not aware they existed, until today.

The article states that 70% of the men in the US study, who are arrested, do not reoffend.

It also says that only 18% of kerb crawlers are charged.

How can they be expected to pay for these courses?

It is like getting prisoners to pay for their stay,right?

I like your Central American plan.

James, I can see that you are no advocate for the married John. Would you be if you were married?


Thank you for your comments. You are right. A number of Professionals, have been caught kerb crawling.

I do not understand it, but my guess is they love the risk, and a need to degrade.

Embarassed of Blueseville,

I am sorry, but Blogger does not enable me to edit comments. I can publish or delete.

I think we will be funding their lunch, travel, and paying for the course.

How do the johns pay for the courses? The same way they pay the hookers. Cash, check, credit cards, installments, layaway, whatever.

No, I don't think I would be an advocate for the married man if I was married.

I am in favor of prostitution, but I am in favor of it being out in the open. In my proposed Latin Ameican model, the ladies can hang out and have a good time with their pals, whether they be dancing, (or in the case of some sipping at a glass of vintage fine wine or a gourmet coffee) and the men too with their buddies, so it is more social.

But now you have brought up the real problem about legalized prostitution, which is the fact that many johns are married men and that adultery, even with a prostitute, is grounds for divorce.

This is why it is interesting that my novia would be only mildly disapproving if I have sex with another woman for pay, but totally hit the roof if it was unremunerated. Totally different thing, but I don't think UK or US law recognizes the difference.
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