Monday, February 26, 2007

Meeting needs

I came across this article, and am so impressed. Times are changing.

It seems that some care homes and hospices as I mentioned here, are sensitive to client needs.

The Austrians, are moving with the times, and believe in listening to their clients. I have a hunch, they may have lost some staff if they did not do something,in this case.

It is the thought that counts,right?

An Austrian care home is allowing prostitutes to visit 70-year-old Andreas Haider to stop him roaming the corridors pestering female residents and staff for sex.

Quotes from Hookers at Home in the Daily Record.

Would you have thought that care homes would allow prostitutes to visit residents?

So for those of you who want some nookie, when you are over 70, this Austrian care home is the place to be.


My friend Joanne of Leeds has started blogging, pay her a visit.

Have a good week!

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I wonder if the visits are considered a necessary therapy and are being paid for by the state?

Thank you for your comments. An interesting question,lol.

If it is considered a necessary therapy, will it be time limited?
... will it be time limited?

Ah yes - hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of pleasure ...

I doubt the budget will stretch that far at current escort prices!

Though I don't want to appear to be against the principle.

I could almost wish ...

Thank you for your comments,ROFL.
I am a nurse and have done many a night shift when my children were babies. One particular old people's home had a randy male resident in his eighties. He would stand in his bedroom doorway and paw the staff as they walked past. I was quite frightened of him, but some of the older members of staff said he was harmless and allowed him to do it. If he had been able to have visits from prostitutes he perhaps would not have been so keen on us, however this was a Methodist home and I don't think Methodists shag do they? I know they don't drink.. :)

Thank you for your comments.LOl, I think Methodists do shag, but am willing to be corrected.

It is interesting that your colleagues did not mind that, this resident pawed them.
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